He lives in a rural village on the Hampshire Wiltshire border with his wife Jenny, two young sons & a pair of scruffy hounds. Reflected in his garden is a passion for wildlife, which attracts an array of mammal, amphibian, bird and insect life. We’ll help your plants remain healthy, attractive, and reach their full potential while maintaining all your hardscapes to ensure that your space remains as beautiful as the day we installed it.

We’ll ensure that your yard or garden features colors that complement each season for all-year-round peace and serenity. ithacor Design and Construction is a boutique design-build company that works closely with clients throughout the entire design and construction process. Our service is an all-inclusive work which starts from the initial planning to execution. The team of certified and reputed designers and installers will have a discussion with you regarding your needs. According to the requirements, they will design a blueprint for you to understand the planning and the execution starts. If you are ready to invest in landscape design that wows, we’d love to hear from you.

We offer the best landscape architecture service and will guide you through the entire process of designing and executing. Here in Corliss Landscape & Irrigation, we provide the best North Andover landscape architecture and maintenance service. We understand yours needs to give something extra to your yard and patio and work hard to give you the best. With an experience of over 35 years, we have created attractive landscape architecture in and around Massachusetts. Lots of people pay close attention to their back yards, as they tend to be hubs of entertainment complete with pools and patios. But your front yard is what everyone sees first, and should be the focal point of your property.

Complementing Stott’s kidney-shaped pool, used primarily as a hang-out spot, an array of niche areas interspersed throughout the patio terrace invite sunbathing, outdoor dining, and lounging on Adirondack chairs. While designing these open-air nooks, Stott asked himself if, from an architectural point of view, he could pull from the features of the extended Cape-style house. “The goal is always for the house and the landscape to speak the same language and look well composed together,” he says. To that end, a custom-built wood, wire, and split granite fence that meets pool-enclosure requirements adds a farmhouse feel to the overall look. “The intent was for this to feel natural, like it could have been a swimming hole,” says Stott, noting how drastically it differs from a modern, architectural pool with a rigid outline.

We are experts in turning our customer’s dreams and ideas into reality, providing inspiration and guidance throughout the process. We are a full-service landscape design and construction company with decades of experience and can help you bring your dream yard to life with ease. Contact us today to request a free design consultation for your next landscape design project.

From touching up your existing landscaping to adding new features that complement the theme of your event, we’ll help you impress all your guests. When properly designed, your outdoor spaces should feel like an extension of your living space–a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy life. At Samantha’s Gardens, we can help you create beautiful outdoor spaces that feel cohesive and perfectly complement your home or business.