It ran back to the dining hall and it was used to deliver food and supplies. It sat in front of the DD, and it put out the most delicious, cold, spring water you’ve ever tasted. The bathroom facilities were called the La, which basically was a two-sided outhouse with no privacy.

Sleepy Hollow was designated for the youngest of our campers, aged seven and eight. They used tent-a-lows instead of the mole in between buttocks meaning usual platform tents. Tent-a-lows were different because they had wooden sides which went halfway up to the roof.

A new fixture in 1964, a three day match against the University was a fitting challenge to a Club boasting more than 20 post-war Test players among its members. One of them, Peter May no less, scored a splendid 100 in the first match. It is also known that in the early years matches were played against the Oxford counterparts, the Harlequins.

Another highlight in 1978 was the first Quidnuncs tour of recent times which was organised and led by David Haywood in late March-early April. This ambitious and successful venture to South America included fixtures in Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela for a tour party of 20 which included not only a few players’ wives but also a few Harlequins welcomed as guest players. In line with the University Clubs themselves the “Old Boys” now combine occasionally for fixtures, such as the one-day game in 1982 at Arundel when Oxbridge hosted the Australian Universities side.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that stupid, mean and criminal run in the same gene pool in Colorado’s third-largest city. Seems some creepy anti-semitic types stayed up past their bed time last week to spray-paint what they thought were Nazi swastikas on the mail box and garage door of an Aurora Jewish couple. What they painted, however, were “svasti” used primarily by Buddhists, signifying good luck and good health. It’s not the Hindu svasti that was hijacked by the German Nazis and Adolph Hitler, forever tainting it with white supremacy and the Holocaust. Quid sees it as just another symbol of another failed hate crime.

At any given time, there were 8-12 units depending on the years you attended camp. There was Sleepy Hollow, Sherwood Forest, Hundred Acre Wood, Gypsy’s Skies, Caravan, Trails End, Neppies Nook, Hilltop, Journeyman’s, Pioneers, and the ever-changing Sky Blue. Then it was renamed Upper Sky Blue and Lower Sky Blue, split up probably because of its size. Over the years, it has also been known by a few other names such as Cricket Hill and the short-lived Rocky Ledges. The original Dining Hall was located just above Neppies Nook and below Sky Blue . Very rustic looking…what else would it be…built from logs and boards.

Unfortunately there are no records of such contests after 1870 and indeed there is no further evidence of regular fixtures until after 1961 when the Quidnuncs were officially reformed. It seems that in this long period only occasional fixtures with leading public schools and certain country house matches were played. Nevertheless the Club enjoyed a high status and popularity as in these early days they often provided claret cup for both sides. The early history of the Quidnuncs is suitably shrouded in obscurity.

The trunks that held our clothes were sent ahead of us and dropped off at each unit for us to pick up and carry to our tents and then store under our beds. A girl’s life in the late 50’s and through the 60’s was changing rapidly no matter what age you were. From preteen to young adult, you were affected biologically, socially and economically.

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