As a result, non-lethal self-defense weapons present a method for detouring violent crime without the risk of fatalities. For most Americans, they have the choice between arming themselves with lethal or non-lethal self-defense weapons. Thus, non-lethal self-defense weapons are generally a wise choice for renters and homeowners.

If you need advice on non-lethal weapons, locks, safes, alarms, or security cameras,feel free to contact usvia chat, calling our customer service representatives, or even submitting a question. You need to be able to effectively defend yourself against an assailant if the need arises! An khamelian attack could happen anytime, anywhere or for any reason. Make sure that you are always prepared by choosing one or two of our Self-Defense tools! When you hold one of our powerful Stun Guns in your hand, you have the peace of mind to know that you can knock an attacker flat on his back.

Truth is you should have training in every aspect of self defense(i.e. weapons all types lethal and non lethal, hand to hand and not just one style). To choice one over the other is stupid in all aspects because not one thing solves all. Just remember this being aware of your surroundings at all times is the best defense that you can have. If your being abused by someone call 911 for help then leave and seek help there are places that will help. Be smart and use your head and think for yourself not what others tell you to think or do. Their positive cost-benefit analysis shows that their low upfront cost and various self defense benefits make it a good purchase.

Simply wear your self defense ring, and use your natural instinctive self defense moves like punching and striking to fight off an aggressor. There are many factors including effectiveness, price, practicality, and personal preference. The Cardsharp2 from Iain Sinclair is an interesting concept. When stored, it takes up about as much space as a credit card.

Your customers can look as fashionable as they wish to while enjoying the benefits of increased security. The self-defense supply catalog has all the colorful variety required to satisfy your customers’ fashion sense. Both men and women should have all the help they can get should they be confronted with a situation that demands quick action. I find this blog to be very informative, at a time when crime is on the rise. In my experience, the majority of the Security Gadgets For Self Defence mentioned above are very useful. Also, I recently purchased a self-defense cap from Gotcha Cap and it’s amazingly effective and easy to defend yourself with.

In 1940, after Germany’s use of glider-borne and paratroop forces to infiltrate and attack strategic points behind the front lines, the request for a light rifle was resubmitted and subsequently approved. Army Ordnance issued a requirement for a “light rifle” with greater range, firepower, and accuracy than the M1911 pistol while weighing half as much as the M1 Garand. As a result, the U.S. developed the semi-automatic M1 Carbine and shortly thereafter the select-fire M2 Carbine. Widely employed until the end of the Vietnam War, these carbines are generally considered the forerunners of modern personal defense weapons.

Overall, stun guns can be one of the most effective less-lethal self defense weapons if you have the budget and capacity for one. The flashlight works very well and makes a good check on the state of charge. The stun gun is easy to use but still safe to carry in a purse or pocket. These non-lethal weapons are stun guns yet only produced by one brand.

Flashlights can be a great secondary option for self defense. They are a less-lethal method of deterring criminals and are effective at temporarily blinding them. Flashlights are electronic devices that emit light by pressing a button or flipping a switch. Invented in 1899, a flashlight is a portable hand-held device that emits light via a bulb and electricity.

The only sure way to protect yourself at all times, up close and in hand-to-hand physical combat, is to weaponize the items in your purse or pocket. It’s easier than ever to conceal non-lethal self defense weapons that aren’t detected until you’re already striking. And you still may be overpowered no matter how physical you are. There’s almost no item you can’t carry around with you that can be weaponized to leave your assailant not just injured, but incapacitated. Let’s look at 10 excellent ways to catch your attacker off guard. Very few women would want to carry around a bulky stun gun in her bag to prepare for a dangerous situation that may never occur, or might only occur once or twice in her lifetime.