Whenever my family was in a bad place, I’d get up and tell a joke or do a funny dance to make everyone laugh. I was always a clown, but really loved how I’d always look at the good of a situation we were going through. I am a product of interracial parents during a time where being of mixed heritage was not accepted in the south side of St. Petersburg, Fl. I always had a passion for cooking, and from a young age would cook for his four siblings. My family was impoverished so there was not much to choose to cause me to get very creative in the kitchen.

He had one more role as a child—“family clown.” To keep up the spirits of a family in difficult circumstances, he always had one more joke, one more trick, one more silly dance. This is the best chicken dip I’ve ever tasted! The owner is very friendly & offers samples before you order. There’s something for everyone on the menu with the delicious dip on it!! The vegetarian version of Bang Dip still has cheese in it and uses zucchini instead of chicken. The vegan version eliminates the cheese altogether and instead uses cashews to give the dip a cheesy texture.

This is the first brick and mortar location for The Bang Shack. It is a great place to visit.even sí está disponible mean in english if you are just picking some food up for a party. The owner is extremely friendly and inviting.

In late 2016, as I and my wife were visiting a large local farmers market, she suggested that I start selling my dip there. We opened THE BANG SHACK in January of 2017 with just two crockpots and the original chicken bang dip. The Bang Shack’s founder, Jason Hadley, started the company after preparing some chicken dip for an event back in 2002.

The market is huge, and you will find plenty of suitable alternatives if you want to look around and find a suitable option. The Bang Shack is unique in the fact that it comes with vegan dips and vegetarian dips that are suitable for people who don’t want something entirely different. If you’re having a cookout or want a dip for some snacks, you can’t go wrong with the Bang Shack dip, which brings out the flavor in any food that you’re having. Jason is in his glory, cooking, hustling, selling, and entertaining both customers and other vendors at the farmers market.

He sold cars, furniture, mortgages, houses, and internet optimization services throughout his sales career before he started this business. He grew up in a poor family and his single mom worked 2 jobs. At age 15, he became a very young father and he found his inner drive to succeed. He sold cars, furniture, mortgages, houses and internet optimization services throughout his sales career before he started this business. I tried the vegetarian and the chicken bang dip…OH…MY…GOODNESS! Jason mentioned it can also be served on potatoes, rice, shrimp, etc. so I went home and tried it last night on baked potato and it was amazing!

Jason first “discovered” Bang Shack chicken dip when he was invited to an industry networking event in 2002. He always loved cooking, so he kept making it for friends and family with rave reviews. In 2016, he and his wife went to the farmer’s market, and she suggested he sell his dip there.