The third crime is scamming innocent people out of their lives. Antony and Vinay, you hope, will become a staple at the cyber cell. For the sake of Antony’s mother who has blabbered through the whole town that her son is hired by the government . For the sake of Antony who needs a permanent job to prove to his lover’s father that he can provide a secure future. For the sake of Antony who is growing disillusioned with ability. Thus begins the first of three big chases throughout the 2.5-hour movie.

The sequel is on, but we believe there will be restrictions even after the lockdown is over. When Operation Java released, even though the movie ran for 75 days in theatres, the cinema halls operated only at 50% capacity. So, I want to shoot and also release the sequel when everything is back to normal and people are coming to theatres like in the past.

The only difference here is that Antony and Vinayadasan are not finding any of the criminals by accident, but with their own effort. Maybe due to that, the humour element of that old film is absent here. Malayalam movieOperation Javais now streaming on OTT platform Zee5.

What this format gave us was a series of incidents or cases that would take up varying lengths in the screenplay with varying degrees of satisfaction for the viewer. ‘Operation Java’ ends with the possibility of a second part and the director has now confirmed the same. In a recent interview, Tarun Moorthy revealed undergroundcellar com reviews that a sequel will be made but it will only be after 2-3 years. It remains to be seen if the same characters will be returning once again. There is an old American TV show from the 80s called Crime Story, created by filmmaker Michael Mann. It was about a bunch of cops working in the Special Crimes unit.

Users can access their older comments by logging into their accounts on Vuukle. The crux of Operation Java is built on two timely themes – cyber issues and the plight of daily wage workers. Also, it gives a fresh angle to the worn out ‘have a BTech, but not working’ topic. The satellite rights and digital rights of the film is acquired by Zee Keralam channel and ZEE5 OTT platform. This film premiered on 15 May through the Television Channel Zee Keralam and through Zee5 OTT platform.

The film also conveys the struggles of temporary/ intern/ apprentice staff who work hard but don’t get proper recognition or financial benefits for their work. The audience has to feel the same emotions that the character is going through to connect with them. We can have clever investigative tropes and twists and turns, but after a point people will grow tired of these. So, I wanted them to wholly accept characters like Antony, Dasan, Ramanathan and Janaki because only if that happens, their story arcs would have left a mark.

Besides, we also witness the case of a husband trying to protect his wife and daughter from the shame-inducing after-effects of a fake porn clip circulating online. Another peculiar situation has the unit being notified of an incident while pursuing a suspect from another incident. The film is a masterclass on creating a sense of urgency even in those crimes where no blood is shed. Well, when you have Jakes Bejoy’s pulsing score, that part is almost covered. Faiz Siddik has been roped in as the cinematographer, while Nishadh Yusuf is on board as the editor for the project.Operation Javais inspired from real life incidents.

The chase is always meandering, swerving from one suspect to the next to the next. The chase often threads itself across more than 5 suspects, and so each suspect is visited, interrogated, and used to mine next steps. The first victory of the film, then, is that this motion never feels tiring or repetitive. Each suspect visited feels like the last suspect and when they get further information, the next suspect feels like the last suspect. It’s tightly written to produce doubt at every step, packed into economic sequences with clear eyed editing, fluid cinematography and a sledgehammer-like tense background score. Though the movie largely keeps the audience hooked, there is also a monotony in the investigation format as the officers jump from one case to another that feels a bit tiring.

But unlike other films discussing a similar plight, the protagonists here are not merely worried about the salary, or the lack of it. It’s not really addressing the lack jobs for qualified people. It goes a step further and talks about the inability of our educational system to lead passionate people towards jobs they are genuinely passionate about. There’s a lot going on at all times but there’s also a great balancing act that ensures we don’t feel the film losing focus. What the film lacks probably is in the portrayal of its women characters. Antony’s girlfriend Alfonsa, one of the few women characters to have a substantial role, is someone who is ready to leave him for better options, twice.