I had to go a half size up to tolerate wearing them for more than a few hours. Beyond the “fit” they are still my go to travel and casual sneakers. I get a lot of compliments on brooks women levitate 4 them. Welcome to Pearlfeet, footwear online shopping! We offer you all types of money off coupons, … Looks great, super convenient with the slip on laces, very comfortable.

I am definitely getting this shoe in more colors. I NEVER review products, but this one got my goat. Someone out there must have decided they have a unique idea for a sole, didn’t test the product, and just threw it out there with marketing. I’ve never had my feet hurt so bad from a shoe.

I’m 46, have owned dozens of sneakers, and have never been so dissatisfied. 3 of the 4 items were not what I ordered. I ordered suede shoes and I got a slightly different style leather shoe.

I have consistency been a “12” which they equate to a 47EU is a 45EU. Anyways the 2.0 is def more snug and smaller. It’s tighter in the heel – which I like, but also very tight in the mid section.

I have decided to not purchase any more of anything they sell again, what yu do is your business. SPLIT SOLE ONE MONTH OLD. I bought two pairs of 3/4 boots. One split in half after 1 1/2 months of use. Right down the center from toe to heal. The other pair I wear less. It took 5 months to receive my order.

Whoever the people behind this company or corporation, the manpower, the pencil pushers, the management, they all have one thing in common – to scam people. I wished I can cussed them out,but with all due respect to this site, I’ll keep it to myself. I bought a pair of shoes, size 13.

Also, I greatly appreciate that there is no heel loop. I understand its use, but I hate the look of a heel loop. Thankfully, this shoe doesn’t have it.