Additionally, if the recipe calls for simple syrup you can request for more or less to be added or for it to be left out altogether. Additionally, in my Starbucks Iced Tea Guide you can see all the types of milk and flavors of syrup you can add in. If you use decaf English Breakfast tea, then the drink will be decaffeinated. There is always a small amount of caffeine in decaf tea, but it’s more like 2 mg versus 40 mg in the same size drink. Any black tea can be used if you don’t have Royal English Breakfast tea.

Dairy milk with some fat will froth up the best. If you want to use a non-dairy milk, use a nut milk or other variety which has enough fat content to froth up a foam. It literally takes only two ingredients to make this delightfully yummy cuppa English tea latte. You can use raspberry syrup, Irish Cream syrup, and cinnamon dolce syrup, among other syrups.

Similar to a coffee based latte this is made with a strong black tea, milk and ice for a highly caffeinated drink. Local Coffee Spot is proud to serve our Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte! Enjoy this smooth and silky select blend of rich, full-leaf black teas with liquid cane sugar and topped with steamed milk and a velvety foam. An elegant, time-honored classic that brings a royal nod to every cup. A select blend of rich, full-leaf black teas from India and Sri Lanka sweetened with liquid cane sugar and topped with steamed milk and a velvety foam.

Immediately strain over a fresh glass of ice, add milk and simple syrup and serve. It goes without saying, the iced versions of these tea lattes are served over ice. In fact, all matcha and green tea drinks contain caffeine. Though matcha has far more caffeine than regular green tea. Have you ever seen someone walking around with a light green drink in a Starbucks cup and weren’t sure what it was? Please note, Starbucks makes tea lattes using 2% milk unless another type is requested.

This recipe makes a 16 ounce hot English Breakfast tea latte, which is a grande at Starbucks. The whole milk makes for a creamier tea and it also froths up nicely. To order Starbucks Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte, you must request it from the barista, as it is already on Starbucks’ regular menu. If you want to change how this beverage is prepared, you can customize it to your preference.

What sets Starbucks tea lattes apart from their other tea drinks, is that each latte is made with equal portions of concentrated tea and milk. Simple syrup may be part of the recipe, as well. Of course, you can also make a Starbucks copycat hot chai latte and iced chai tea latte at home by combining milk and a store-bought chai concentrate like Tazo. Starbucks Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte has a rich, creamy, sweet taste. Additionally, this beverage has a slightly spicy taste from the blended black tea used as an ingredient. Starbucks Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte gets its rich and creamy taste from the milk used.

There are a few ways to customize this Starbucks beverage to fit what you want n terms of taste and flavor. To start with, you can choose the type of milk foam you want to top your latte. You can use either top this drink up with a dry, extra dry foam, or a wet or an extra wet foam. Still, on the milk type, you can customize this beverage by swapping the 2% milk used with any non-dairy milk of your choice.

If you don’t have English breakfast tea, try making this latte with Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, or any full-leaf black tea. This is because Starbucks chai concentrate is made by infusing caffeinated black tea with loose leaf tea storage ideas chai spices. If you’re in the mood for a tea drink that’s a little more decadent than simple brewed tea, be sure to check out the Teavana tea latte menu at Starbucks. Pour hot tea into a cup and stir in sugars.

Creamy frothed milk and sweetened English Breakfast tea are in this tasty copycat Starbucks tea latte that’s easy to make at home. We all know what a standard cup of tea is like. Maybe a bit of sugar, if you want, but that’s about it. A hot Royal English Breakfast Latte is probably my favorite Starbucks drink.