We made all of these and more to help you find the perfect crochet kit. The Knit Picks Beginner Dishcloth Kit is designed for making dishcloths, but there’s still enough extra yarn that you could make a few other items to match, like a placemat or coaster. This kit comes with a small amount of yarn, but we would imagine most people would quickly be in the market for not only more yarn but also better hooks.

If you’ve never crocheted before, then you’ll need to also learn how to read a crochet pattern as well about the standard abbreviations that are used in almost every crochet pattern. That why you need this list of the very best beginner-friendly crochet kits. You’ll find all sorts of inspiring crochet projects in this collection, from simple dishcloths to colorful scarves and modern blankets. At the back of the group when it comes to versatility, the Harry Potter Crochet Kit and the Darn Good Yarn DIY Cactus Kit are essentially designed for completing the included patterns, and that’s about it. The Harry Potter Kit offers a handful of other patterns, but you’ll need to purchase additional yarn if you want to create more magical beings beyond Harry and Dobby. We again feel that most people would be in the market for more yarn and more hooks rather quickly with these kits.

The WooCrafts Large-Eye crochet hooks also have an ergonomic rubber grip, but we found them slightly less comfortable to hold than both the BeCraftee and the Inscraft. We appreciate that the WooCrafts hooks have a longer neck, but the blunter tip can be a bit more difficult to get through tighter stitches. The WooCrafts Large-Eye kit also includes 9 hooks that are identical to the sizes included in the Inscraft kit. Finally, we found the 6mm wooden hook included with the Knit Picks Learn to Crochet Kit to be quite comfortable to hold — and it looks great, too. If you’re new to crocheting and searching for a kit with plenty of patterns and instructions, we think the Mira Handcrafts 24 Acrylic Yarn Skeins set is your best bet.

I don’t recommend cotton yarn for your first project, since it’s so inelastic. I also don’t recommend super fuzzy or dark-colored yarns for your first project, since they make it hard to see your stitches. Crocheting 101 will teach you not only how to crochet, but also how to make 7 unique projects along the way to not only help practice, but put your new skills to the test!

The 4M Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit also contains a full set of printed instructions for a handful of different projects and includes a pair of crochet hooks and a needle. The instructions are quite comprehensive but can be a bit hard to follow, as c2c rectangle you need to jump around to different sets of steps depending on what you are trying to make. We don’t think the patterns are too difficult, but we found the included hook and yarn make crocheting so difficult that it can be very frustrating.

Throughout this review, we made thousands of stitches, completing a plethora of different projects. We compared the ergonomics and how comfortable it is to crochet with the included hooks, as well as the quality of the included materials and instructions. We spent dozens of hours with these products, comparing their performance side-by-side to help you find the perfect crochet kit, regardless if you are a total expert or a complete beginner.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, try experimenting with different hook materials to see what sort is your favourite. Videos are a great way to learn how to crochet for beginners since it is a visual tool. When you can see exactly how a crochet pattern or stitch is worked up in real time, it can be very helpful. You can find crochet videos on EasyCrochet as well as many more on YouTube for patterns and stitches. There are many books for beginners with step-by-step photos within patterns that are all geared to those at a beginner skill level.