Themes should be fresh, interesting, narrowly defined and consistently applied throughout the puzzle. For example, if the theme includes a particular kind of pun, then all the puns should be of that kind. Themes and theme entries should be accessible to everyone. We generally prefer puzzles with playful themes rather than straightforward subjects.

15 rows and 15 columns are used in this crossword puzzle. By the time I had all the squares filled in, PUTPUPSONGS crossing LETME made as much sense as anything else I had entered. Times puzzles must never have been published anywhere before, either in print or electronically.

Having attended the National Theater School of Cuba, she moved to Spain at the age of 18. Thre, she made a name for herself in a Spanish TV series called “El Internado”. De Armas moved to Los Angeles in 2014, after which her performance opposite Ryan Gosling in 2017’s “Blade Runner 2049” earned her critical acclaim. Maximums may be exceeded slightly at the editor’s discretion, if the theme warrants. Lively fill, with words, phrases and names that solvers know or can infer from the crossings. is your one stop shop for all game guides, walkthroughs and tutorials.

The green highlighted squares show which daily puzzle average is closest to this puzzle for each statistical category. I’ll even notice when I do / redo ones from the era I was new to these that they’re of better quality than the ones turned out these days. A lot of how to write 900 on a check the specific reasons have already been listed by others, so I won’t reiterate. The original tonic water was a fairly strong solution of the drug quinine dissolved in carbonated water. It was used in tropical areas in South Asia and Africa where malaria is rampant.

Information regarding the use of data can be found in our privacy policy. “Dexter’s Laboratory” is an animated TV show about a boy-genius who has a secret laboratory hidden in his bedroom. The boy’s name is Dexter, and his older sister is Dee Dee.

If your word “Musical scale” has any anagrams, you can find them with our anagram solver or at this site. Unique answers are in red, red overwrites orange which overwrites yellow, etc. Puzzle has 2 fill-in-the-blank clues and 2 cross-reference clues. English as a Second Language is sometimes referred to as English for Speakers of Other Languages and English as a Foreign Language . Back in the 1950s, to come “out of the closet” was to admit to being an alcoholic.