Darius, Eberwolf, Raine, the B.A.T.T.S., Steve, and the Owl House crew all join together to fight against the Day of Unity, the former having an actual working plan, not to mention the pervious episode had Hexside turn against the Emperor as well.. It’s also a major Tearjerker, but Luz and Eda’s fight when Luz overhears that Eda, fearful for their safety, is trying to send her and King away, is pretty impressive. Doubly so when one considers this is parallel to when her own mother (even in a well-meaning way) tried to send her away to Camp. Instead of rolling over and accepting it without a fight, Luz is taking a stand that, no, this isn’t best for her. Alador, no slouch with Abomination magic, is struggling to contain the mutated Warden Wrath.

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Belos doesn’t answer, only growls in grimace and instead of attacking the Hexsquad, he immediately turns and activates the portal to head for the Demon Realm, swearing in denial that he’s still their savior and they’ll be thanking him later. Considering that Belos could have easily crushed the Hexsquad (especially with Hunter at death’s door), Luz manages to save her friends from Belos by attacking his insecure need for vindication. Vee using her Magic Eater powers to try and drain Belos, which causes him perhaps the most trouble of the fight and makes him immediately target her, though luckily Amity intervenes. Keep in mind, Vee was scared of Belos and feared what would happen if he found her, and now here she is taking on the man who abused her and her species for years.

It also counts as a Heartwarming moment, and it puts Adora and Catra’s Princess Prom dance to shame. Amity draws a circle with her feet while dancing and conjures one of her abominations that is larger than usual, no power mark boost needed this time. Then Luz attaches her newly learned plant rune to it and it charges straight into Grom. Several plants start growing out of Grom before it gets torn apart by a fully grown wisteria tree growing out of it. Keep in mind that Luz had only just learned how to use her plant rune and is already showing enough power and control to pull off the above feat.

We also get to see some of Philip’s schematics, and not only do they look extremely modern, but he apparently developed the portal based on wormhole theory. Remind yourself that Philip lived during the 1600s, which implies that our dear Wittebane was an outright symbol for icelandic krona genius, far ahead of his time. Hooty proves that just because you’re a Joke Character doesn’t mean you can’t have impact on the story or its status quo. Not only does he help all the Owl House residents, but doing so reveals a few details about the show’s lore.

Luz, with Eda’s “help”, manages to make a working portal from some of Philip’s notes. Plus even though Luz didn’t get much info to use from the echo mouse until Amity started helping her at the end of the latter episode, she still got it to give her something to work with. After being expelled out of Hunter’s body, Belos reemerges back into his monstrous One-Winged Angel form angry and accusing Hunter of stabbing him in the back. Luz calls him out and coldly states that it was Belos who stabbed him first.