Cheers to a year full of firsts, leaps of faith, & personal growth. Thank you for continuing to journey with me through all of my highs & lows & different seasons of life. MGI’s latest assistance in the region is the Champa LSEA Laboratory, the first third-party detection center in Laos built with a 12-meter-long shipping container and designed to meet large-scale testing demands. Michael Banaag is a self-employed businessman from California. Michael Banaag’s net worth is estimated to be $15 Million . The family is most likely living a wealthy and opulent lifestyle.

While retreating, they burned the houses at the western part of the town’s center. Like what happened in other parts of Mindoro, due to their uncertain future and the extreme anxiety felt by islanders, the schools in Lubang including Stella Maris School ceased to operate. They also obliged the male inhabitants of the island to cut big trees and construct the airstrip for the warplanes of the Japanese.

Michael and his family are currently enjoying a happy life. Moreover, Will Smith and Joey King are two of Michael Banaag’s favorite actors. In his spare time, Michael enjoys swimming and traveling. Cathy has been uploading a video of herself singing and acting.

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In the history written by a teacher in 1950, it was mentioned that this community was established by Bernardo de Guzman, the leader of families of farmers from Bulacan who decided to settle in this place permanently. The ancestors of the inhabitants of this community named their settlement after the tree. The able bodied males who were left in this community were among the laborers who were forced to work by the Japanese soldiers at the airstrip of Lubang. Through cooperative labor, the parents of the schoolchildren were able to build classrooms. Cirilo Tarriela donated a piece of land where the schoolhouse was built.

With the cooperation of the inhabitants, leaders of the barangay and the support of the provincial & national officials, a barangay hall, day care center, stage, plaza and children’s playground were constructed at Brgy. Since Maligaya was adjacent to the center of the municipality of Lubang, the children in this community studied at the elementary school opened by American authorities at the town’s center. Cathy’s daughter, Isa, is much like her mother in that she practises yoga, goes shopping, and bakes all the time. Cathy, on the other hand, often posts images of her kid on social media, but seldom of her husband. The mother and daughter are often seen wearing identical outfits. Whether you call him a fuckboi, a player, or a playboy, every girl has encountered at least one, or knows someone close to her who has.