In both trips they were great, however, with the one domestic trip they changed the cruise ship before traveling, but they did inform… On our recent trip to Egypt, our tour manager Islam along with our guides Ahmed and Osama went above and beyond to give our group a great experience. They made sure everything went smoothly and enthusiastically answered questions about all the sites. Eman did a fantastic job setting everything up including adding Jordan and Israel on to the trip…. I booked my Sonesta Nile Goddess Nile cruise trough Egypt Tours Plus by Memphis Tours.

You will spend the second half of the day, visiting the open-air museum of Memphis and the archeological site of Sakkara, including Dashur Pyramids. In Hurghada we had Mohammad who was also knowledgeable and friendly. Finally when he was back to 100%, we decided to do a little exploring on our own. We hung out at the mall just walking and looking around and then decided to watch Aquaman there for $5/per person!! There was a lot of popcorn and babies in the theater…. Also the seats weren’t very well kept but overall I had a decent experience and enjoyed the movie.

Every other tour company we reached out to was FAR more expensive than Memphis Tours for a private tour scenario . Accommodations for travelers in Egypt fall across a broad range—everything from world class luxury to simple hostel accommodations are available. The nicest hotels compare well with luxury hotels anywhere, Egyptian hotels have their own rating system that loosely classifies them on a 5-star scale. The check-in time in most hotels in Egypt is around midday, 12 or 1 PM.

Even though I wasn’t concerned about safety before arrival, I did feel safe the entire time I was there and would love the chance to come back. We are very satisfied with Memphis and can only recommend the agency. Marwa put together a programme that met our wishes. When we had to cancel a programme item during our Egypt trip due to bad weather, the money was transferred back to us. The tours are slightly more expensive than with other providers. But here you have the certainty that everything will go as planned.

One that was on our ‘bucket list’ from when we both were very young. This was our 35th Wedding Anniversary vacation and the experience, the professionalism shown in every attention to detail, made our entire… We have not yet taken our tour of Egypt, but leave in 3 weeks. I have to commend Amira from Egypt Tours Plus for all the planning she has done on our behalf. I’m taking my daughter to see Egypt for her first time.

The next morning, we began our trip early because we had a 3 hour drive to PETRA from Ammann. They explained how they lived, their agricultural systems, and how the canyon was a fashion mia shipping reviews great fort to be able to defend against attacks from outsiders. Were your hotels/itinerary similar for both companies? From TripAdvisor reviews, Memphis does rate very highly.

I also share in-depth travel guides for the places I have lived & visited – from Wisconsin to Argentina & beyond! I’ve been spending time researching different tour groups for Egypt and came across Memphis Tours. But your blog, with many of the other pages on Egypt, are proving to be exactly what i needed! Your notes on requesting what you want, and altering the itinerary to our needs, was the most insightful part. I’ve been in email contact with Nouran at Memphis Tours and they have been wonderful and amenable. In less touristic places, relatively modest dress is recommended.

Day Tour in Cairo and the Pyramids For Indian Travelers Day Tour in Cairo and The Pyramids is a pukka ho… If you didn’t find what you are looking for, then check ourCairo Day Tours and choose your breathtaking tour. Here are the best Egypt travel tips for 2023 which will give you important hi… From what I have heard, Memphis has a very good reputation and I would be comfortable using them as well. I believe the reason I received a lower quote from Lady Egypt has to do with one hotel I have chosen. Ahmed from Memphis indicated that he could not get good rates at that hotel, my guess is Amanda at Lady Egypt can and did.

I appreciate that these people have had hard times and a good portion of their income comes from tips. I’m so happy to have been able to tip our guides and drivers well, but it was a lot of cash by the time we got done. Memphis tours was AMAZING for our trip to Egypt. I began planning with them a few months before arriving and they helped with the planning ou f everything. I had an itinerary in mind and they were able to match it up with what I requested.

An epic selection of pre-planned trips on every continent, for every style. Thousands of itineraries from over 1,000 trusted travel companies. We have travelled all over the world with other Tour operators but Memphis Tours has surpassed our expectations.