Facebook takes this information, gives it to advertisers so they can generate better targeted ads on Facebook, and Facebook keeps getting money from companies choosing to advertise on the platform. It’s a system that a lot of people see as invasive to their privacy, hence the excitement around iOS soon allowing users to opt-out of this tracking. đź’° Indian conversational messaging platform Gupshup raised $100 million from Tiger Global, valuing its business at $1.4 billion. Its tools support sending messages via text and RCS as well as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Signal, Twitter, Slack, Skype and its own messaging channel. Having less of this tracking information is bound to hurt ad performance on Facebook, and that’s why Zuckerberg says Facebook is preparing to use this as an opportunity to double-down on its built-in e-commerce tools. Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop both launched in 2020 as systems to buy products directly through Facebook and Instagram, respectively.

It wants to respect our privacy, but it also wants to command the highest brand status and the highest profits. Kent Bye, a VR podcaster, noted in a Clubhouse room that Oculus hasn’t behaved in the most open ways compared to its rival SteamVR. If you want to get cross-platform capability, it has been a lot easier on SteamVR than Oculus. If I were to bring up my favorite adage again — follow the money — I would conclude that so much money is going into the metaverse that it is going to happen. You don’t orchestrate something so huge, something on the scale of the Manhattan Project, and then come out of it on the other side without an atomic bomb.

TikTok announces six new interactive music effects to keep its audience engaged as competition heats up, with tech giants Facebook, YouTube and Snap all releasing TikTok clones. The first effect is Music Visualizer, which runs real-time beat tracking to animate a retro greenscreen landscape. In less than a day since its debut, over 28,000 videos had used the effect.

Zuckerberg said a high-end standalone VR system, dubbed Project Cambria, is being developed, as is the Nazare augmented reality glasses. Those projects are aimed at heading off anything Apple has coming to the market. Against the advice of some, I created a metaverse event in January 2021, and it had 30 panels on the metaverse and brought together many of gaming’s leaders. (We’ve got another conference, GamesBeat Summit Next on November 9-10 where we’re talking about the metaverse again, and our second annual metaverse event will come in January.) While people laughed at me, I stayed the course. And I never expected Facebook, a company with enough money to do the job, to embrace the metaverse like it did yesterday.

Zoho Commerce to help brands leverage ONDCZoho Corporation has announced that Zoho Commerce, its unified platform for e-commerce, wi… Optoma unleashes GT2160HDR true 4K UHD short throw cinema gaming projectorOptoma announced the launch of GT2160HDR, the true 4K UHD short throw cinema gaming projec… Apple filed what appears to be an unreleased MacBook Pro with model identifier A2779 in a Canadian regulatory database on January 11, as spotted by Wade Penner on Twitter. We have independently confirmed that the listing exists, and it could indicate that a new version of the MacBook Pro is on the horizon.

That’s leading to speculation that iOS 15 could also adopt the look of Big Sur when it comes to design. Apple has been spotted testing tags in the App Store that will help guide users to more precise search results. The test, first reported by MacRumors, had users encounter tags at the top of App Store search results when searching for popular terms like “photos” or “wallpaper,” that could help narrow results. Some users were running the iOS 14.5 beta when they saw tags, but others were not. IOS 14 adoption has now surpassed 90% according to data from Mixpanel.

Zuckerberg should not only give away his products and services for free, as he has done in the past, but he should also pay us. He should pay us for giving his social media and his devices our attention. And so the course for Zuckerberg should be to not try to take the high road. That is, he should really live up to his ambitions and knock the metaverse out of the park. chrome limit access to networks citing It will be accessible, and a lot of people around the world who don’t have access to the finest technology will be able to use it. But the company appeared to change its tune recently, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claiming during a Clubhouse interview on March 18 that the move might drive more people to use Facebook and Instagram directly to shop for products.

Infogain appoints Tyson Hartman as new CTOInfogain has announced the appointment of Tyson Hartman as the company’s new Chief T… Gizmore brings Blaze Max, 1.85-inch display smartwatch, priced at Rs 1,199Gizmore has announced the launch of Blaze Max. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO has said that Apple’s iOS 14 privacy feature could benefit his company.

While Apple made $20.6 billion in net income on $83 billion in revenue, while Facebook made $9.2 billion in net income on $29 billion in revenue in the most recent September 30 quarter. While the move marks a step towards greater transparency, it also deals a major blow to companies such as Facebook. The holidays are clearly over, with the Apple rumor mill back into full swing as we hit the midpoint of January.

Zuckerberg noted that Facebook could be in a stronger position if Apple’s changes encourage more businesses to conduct business through Facebook. More targetability, likely, than anything you can find off the major platforms, because the little guys of adtech are bound by the rules of the game. And the rules of the game just changed, making data harder to get, harder to share, harder to access. People who had previously set their Apple iPhones to a privacy setting called Limit Ad Tracking will automatically be set to never share their IDFA. Some mobile app developers won’t ask for IDFA, and therefore won’t get it. As it applies to Facebook, the anti-tracking feature will block insight into a key metrics including view-through conversions.