Miss the old staff, havent been back since all the changes. 2 times i have ordered and had confirming text my order was ready, both times they had sold some out of my order to someone else. When you place a order and get confirmation its ready, it should be in the bag, not given to another customer.

I love this Dispensary and the prices have been amazing but has anyone else noticed hissing and popping noises when smoking the bud? I visited them on 4/20 and every thing I purchased has been making these hissing and popping noises as if the product was rushed out without being properly cured. I’m curious to know if we can truly trust the potency of the flower we are buying if it’s not being properly cured. Thank you for the positive review. We have decided against doing a “deli option” to ensure the freshness of the medicine for our patients. When a dispensary provides flower “deli style,” they are opening the jars all day long exposing the flower to oxygen and light.

You can get a variety of Premium Strains on halves and quarters too. We will also offer Value Strains at very competitive and reasonable prices every day. We hope you are one of many patients who no longer need to drive long distances to get their medicine at a reasonable price. Please come see us tomorrow for our Grand Opening.

He is lucky I am keeping my patience with him. As a 6’2”ft tall female, a prior boxer, a former medalist, i am sure he doesn’t want me in his face. I will have my husband and my attorney handle him and smugness. I hope you take care of him before I do. If he wasn’t part of your business, I woud spend my thousands there. But….I do rather prefer driving to another location to avoid his smell.

The deal applies only to qualifying items displaying the deal offer on the item detail page. The offer will noxema for sunburn not be valid until it is applied to the qualifying item. The promotion is limited to one deal per customer.

Great prices and a solid selection for just opening. Very friendly staff and facility. I would love to see a deli option available. As of today, the ATM was limited to $200 (that’s not my limit). Absolutely love natural relief. The product is alwaya amazin, they have the best deals and the staff treats u like family.

Even when it’s packed they got you in and out at a reasonable pace. They team members are always so polite and helpful. Love the vibe it always chill.

With the help of the budtenders I’m learning more about CBD and CBG and how to incorporate it into my fight against chronic pain. Natural Relief is my favorite retailer. Try it, You’ll really like the service you receive. And dont feel intimidated to ask for guidance that’s the whole point of a medical dispensary, there is so much to learn. Thank you NRD you’re a blessing to my health care! They always have reasonable prices.