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This Lalaloopsy Candle Slice O’Cake Doll looks adorable in her yellow cake dress! She features yellow hair with a blue bow and a cake barrette with a candle on top. She has matching yellow shoes with white socks and is accompanied by her trust pet pug, who is also decked out in yellow. MGA continued to add additional characters to the Lalaloopsy toy line. The main toy line includes 13-inch dolls, the mini-series, and a variety of mini play-sets and plush dolls as well as Lalaloopsy Littles, smaller siblings of the 13-inch dolls.

Some large dolls are sold with their mini versions sealed inside their boxes – most notable areRosy Bumps ‘N’ Bruises, & Pix E. Flutters. To check out all the different recolors of mini outfits, clickhere. Along with the rename came a new package style which is not shaped like the doll’s house. When the Netflix series released in 2017, the Minis had removable outfits. The Minis returned to their previous style and name in 2022 for the 10th anniversary.

Many characters also come in several different versions, called editions. Not all minis are assorted by series and can only be acquired through special vehicle or playset merchandise. Their outfits usually vary and tend to be recolors, and their pets are often colored differently. This Lalaloopsy Girls Doll Spot Splatter Splash was sewn from a painter’s overalls, so her outfit features the same. She is wearing adorable red suspenders that match her red skirt and sit perfectly over a white T-shirt.

20 My Little Pony Equestria Girl Dolls My Little Pony Equestria Dolls are a newer item, coming from the new series! There is a great selection of dolls for your girl that loves My Little Pony. Some come with additional accessories, while some are just bbygirlsoneandonlyfans the doll themselves. Here are some of the great Equestria Dolls available for your little girl. Lalaloopsy Littles are the younger siblings of the original Lalaloopsy characters and they are often the smaller and cuter forms of the older siblings!

The doll comes with her pet zebra and a comb to style her hair. This Lalaloopsy Peppy Pom Poms doll was sewn from a cheerleader’s uniform, so her outfit resembles one too! She stands 13 inches tall and comes with her adorable brown shaggy pet dog. Her cute shoes and cheerleader outfit can be removed for playtime and her head, arms and legs are articulated.