Clinkscales’ father died in 2007 and his mother died in January of this year, Woodruff said. While the sheriff said he wished Clinkscales’ mother was alive to see this development, “just the fact that we have hopefully found him and the car brings me a big sigh of relief.” The 22-year-old never returned to school and his parents filed a missing persons report, Woodruff said. “I don’t guess.” My father has a few short stock responses he rotates through when people talk to him. The phrases themselves mean little; it’s his tone that conveys his meaning. That day on the phone, his tone told me he was as intrigued by the case as I was.

The forest beside the road was thick and raucous with insects, birds, squirrels. As I crossed the bridge, I gazed down at the yellow water where the Pinto had been submerged. I went to the place where, based on photos, the Pinto had been pulled out.

Jones later told police that on the night Kyle vanished, he arrived at Hyde’s home and discovered Kyle’s body; he had been shot to death. Before Hyde died, he told Jones that after placing it in the pond, he went back, recovered it, and took it to an unknown location. However, Jones later made other statements to police that contradicted this one. He later pleaded guilty to making false statements and was sentenced to nine years in prison.

In their hurt, Kyle Clinkscales parents decided to change the narratives about missing people search. They rose to the occasion and founded a non-profit organization called “Find Me Inc”. The organization is dedicated to solely looking out for missing people worldwide.

I was there when we drained a lake and came up empty,’’ he said. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking through the muddy vehicle for additional bones and will determine whether the two found so far belong to Clinkscales, Woodruff said. He reportedly left the Moose Club in his hometown of LaGrange, where he was bartender, about 11 p.m. “People have talked about this in the community for years and years and years. How everybody didn’t know this, I just don’t know, because there was so much information out there,” Turner said.

I thought about probing it with a branch to determine its depth but decided against it. South of LaFayette the dirt roads and embankments become a garish red, heavy with oxidized iron. “His personality was just charming. He was a sweet guy. Most of the time he was very quiet. But he was very kind to everyone,” Griffen said.

Police said they don’t know what the 911 caller was doing by the creek, adding that his contact information has been provided to investigators. An undated photo of Kyle Clinkscales, who went missing on Jan. 27, 1976. I walked over to my father’s bass boat and opened the rod locker and took out a few reels that needed new line. The rod handles had mildewed, so I went to my car and grabbed some disinfectant wipes and returned to my beer on the porch to clean them. He sounded disappointed when he said, “You think somebody killed him?

In these photos, the front of the car is pointing south—the direction Kyle would’ve been driving if he’d decided, for whatever reason, to take this back road to Auburn. Then again, if the winch had been hooked to the bumper, the car would have ended up pointing this direction regardless of its position in the water. I thought back to how certain the man in the restaurant had seemed. There are no forms stating whether she stole the money or not, or why she was driving across Foster Bridge at all.

Kyle, at the time of his disappearance, was a 22-year-old Auburn University Student. Kyle was last seen at the Moose Club where he worked part-time as a bartender here how to pronounce andalusia in LaGrange, GA. The Moose Club, however, does not exist anymore. He was heading back to the Auburn University Campus, which is located 42 miles from LaGrange.

On January 27, 1976, Clinkscales left the Moose Club, a bar he worked at in his hometown of LaGrange, Georgia, CBS affiliate WHNT reports. He planned to make the 35-mile drive to Auburn University in Alabama, but he never arrived. The care belonging to Kyle Clinkscales was pulled from a Chambers County, Alabama Creek. The car was transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, the lead agency on the case. The GBI joined in and continues investigating the contents of the vehicle. Jimmy Earl Jones, 63, was arrested in April, and Jeanne Pawlak Johnson, 63, was arrested in June, according to the tipster’s information.