It’s funny because they have a spit bucket so after you take a bite you’re supposed to spit it out. And the first few times I was like, “I actually don’t want to spit this out, I want to keep eating.” And they’re like, “You’re going to do this a few more times. You might want to start spitting it out.” But it was good as fuck, so I really enjoyed it.

” Okay, because we vibing baby, it’s a vibe over here. I think some of the lines were definitely really funny. So after it would be like, “Okay, scene.” I would laugh a little bit because it was just so funny to me. Home of The Tonight’s Conversation & Ace of Hearts Podcast. DJ Akademiks was all over the Internet a few days ago over his reignited beef with rapper Freddie Gibbs as they exchanged multiple tweets taking shots at each other. The hip-hop content creator was again trending on Twitter on Monday, November 1 after he sat with Brittny Renner for a new episode of his podcast called ‘Off The Record’.

Southern burger franchise Krystal, has launched its new “Side Chik” chicken sandwich with the help of its new marketing head, 2 Chainz, and social media influencer Brittany Renner. The newest addition to their menu follows the Pretty Girls Love Trap Music rapper’s recent recruitment to work with the original quick-service restaurant chain. 2Chainz and Krystal’s first launch in the new era is the promotion of the fast food chain’s new chicken sandwich campaign called the Side Chik.

Instagram model Brittany Renner is taking her cultural exploits to new heights with her latest partnership with Krystal’s “Side Chik” campaign. We haven’t peeped the episode in question but folks on Twitter have been circulating a clip of their conversation in where Renner incredulously asks Ak if her being a side chick is due to her good looks. Ak essentially says that none of the stars she’s been rumored to have dated claimed her as their numero uno and that she even wrote a book about her escapades with men titled Judge This Cover. However, the idea of “side chick” culture further promotes toxicity in the rap community.

I go back to this basic thing, this simple thing that I really live by is, owning your truth. For me, I’m all about living in truth. So I have been a side chick in the past. I’ve spoken about it openly in my book and in videos that I’ve done.

I was really honored because again, they’re both table shakers in their own right and I feel like I’m amongst good company and it’s really cool to be in this position where I just tell the truth. And the fact that, that’s like its own lane to me is still very fascinating. But I just, again, I care, but I don’t care about the shit that doesn’t deserve my cares. So I don’t know, I was really honored and I just met 2Chainz today, he was really nice.

And Brittany is having fun with it and making fun of the idea of her having been a side chick. I would say put your money where your mouth is, okay. Step up the marketing because we’re going to… Listen, the reality is too is this culture is what gets things moving.

So I think it’s a really great high quality sandwich and we’ll see. For breakfast, the Side Chik is available in Classic and Pimento Cheese on a biscuit. And like all things Krystal, the sandwiches are small enough that you can go for two or three in one sitting.

And I felt like it was a way for me to own my truth and poke fun at it in a way as well. Last month, The Source caught up with Renner via video chat to discuss her new position, turning her negative press into a positive, working with 2Chainz, and more. She interviewed crochet big twist with Akademiks not too long ago where he called her a side chick, and it went viral also. She talked about that in the interview and clarified what a side chick is. Brittany Renner’s VladTV interview clips have been going viral, and the latest isn’t any different.

The “Side Chik” includes a selection of three crispy chicken sandwiches topped with savory sauces, cheeses, and bacon. Brittany Renner stars in a new campaign from Krystal that’s focused on the stated edible benefits of the Georgia-headquartered brand’s Side Chik chicken sandwich. Krystal, the South’s original quick-service restaurant chain, is famous for creating delicious indulgences that satisfy any hour of the day. Originally famous for its small, steamed sliders, the brand continues to reinvent its menu while finding new ways to serve up unique and affordable meals and snacks that satisfy in ways other brands can’t. Priced at $2.99, the BBQ Bacon Cheese Chik consists of a bold and crispy white meat chicken breast topped with crispy smoked bacon and tangy BBQ on a steamed bun. Additionally, partnering with 2 Chainz for its rebrand was a no-brainer for the fast food chain.