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Of those educators, the organization said, less than 2 percent were men. A spokesperson for the organization said it had received $160,000 from the NewSchools Venture Fund to continue its mission, which includes increasing the number of Black teachers in Clark County schools to 25 percent by 2030. The Southern Nevada Black Educators Initiative announced Friday that it had received an investment from the NewSchools Venture Fund, a nonprofit that funds innovative solutions to improve education. An organization that works to recruit and retain Black teachers in Southern Nevada has received funding from a national nonprofit to continue recruiting teachers of color.

HPE learning environments must support learners in resolving ethical challenges and prioritizing their own well-being, while also developing the professional identity and other attributes expected of health care professionals. The fundamental need for this sort of foundational support became more evident during the pandemic and accompanying national civic unrest, both of which severely tested the capacities of HPE learning environments and providers, particularly BIPOC providers. During the first waves of the pandemic, health care clinicians and HPE faculty and learners across the country experienced death, dying, and grief among patients and their families on a scale not often seen. Providing and learning to provide high-quality patient care in facilities that were overwhelmed by acutely ill patients created significant personal and professional challenges for faculty and learners alike.

As it turns out, some of the lenders that LendingTree sold my information to were actual direct lenders and could fund the transaction themselves , but others weren’t really lenders at all, they were what you might refer to as middle-men or brokers. National Funding provides entrepreneurs with fast approval for small business loans and a simple application process1. At National Funding, you’ll receive personal service and customized is refily legit options to help you reach your business goals. Learn more about our small business lending solutions, including small business loans and equipment financing. According to the papers and discussion, the question now becomes how best to integrate these virtual educational experiences with traditional in-person experiences. The goal is to use technology to enhance and optimize the education of health professionals.

Leaders of health systems and directors of clinical education programs must prepare for future crises that may necessitate redeployments. This must include anticipating appropriate roles for learners as well as putting plans in place to ensure that inexperienced health providers are afforded adequate supervision when redeployed in crisis situations. Such planning efforts might include orientations, pairing more and less experienced clinicians on teams and creating and making readily available protocols/clinical algorithms, as well as supervision response teams, when needed. Health system and HPE leaders and educators must support HPE learners in taking on roles as educators, change agents, and content experts within their HPE institutions—much as learners sometimes did out of necessity during the first waves of the pandemic.

Such efforts must not cause beneficiaries to experience stigma, shame, or additional burden. Congress should identify a national funding resource to support research for the development, implementation, and assessment of the most effective, efficient, and equitable approaches to educating future health care professionals. Engaging students as partners can enhance education by creating opportunities for student innovation in curricular design, public health initiatives, and health care delivery…. At the meeting, the authors presented their papers for discussion.

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