Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard has been in a difficult situation for a long time. And the fact that now he does not know what to do does not surprise anyone. The Englishman has been living in uncertainty for several years now.

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From the outside it is easy to argue, to say that Lingard is another “eternal prodigy”, whose career consisted of a series of “almost” successes. Who has never been able to prove that he is capable of being a star. Its history is as old as the world – how many of these MJ academy graduates were there?

At 28, Lingard can no longer afford to wait for a miracle. He wants to play every game, but Manchester United are in no hurry to give him that opportunity. It would seem that the foundation is just a stone’s throw away, but all the time someone crawls forward. The temptation to stay in the team loved from childhood is great, and that is why Lingard is still here, still believes that change is just around the corner. In the summer, West Ham contacted an offer to buy, but the Englishman refused. He will continue to fight.

He took a risk – and history tells us that this risk, most likely, will not be justified.

In seven years, Lingard entered the field only 133 times. He never came out from the first minutes more than 20 times per season. He spent at least half a career on the bench.

Lingard is betting that his performances at West Ham last season will convince the Manchester United head coach that he is ready for serious games. And if the Norwegian has forgotten, then you can always pay attention to the national team.

Lingard thinks he will be important to United, and he is … right. Even with his weaknesses, Solskjaer has more than enough tactical reasons to rely on his charge.

Lingard is useful and dangerous in tight spaces, but he rarely completed what he started – because of the perception that he is a talented player, but raw. And even his stay at London Stadium did not change anything. Yes, even there he was not very stable: having scored nine goals almost immediately, he showed almost nothing in his last six matches. But he again proved that he can be useful in the national team. His goals against Newcastle and West Ham cannot be ignored either.


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