I love my partner to bits and she loves me to bits… that’s all that matters. I married a girl 15 years younger. It was my second marriage as well as her second marriage. I had two kids from my previous marriage and she did as well. We blended well and had the normal ups and downs of any marriage.

Also have you tried the BB creams that are the rage now? Im not a big makeup person anymore just want to even out the skin tone. Mostly Estee Lauder, as I do love their Advanced Night Repair serums and their “anti-wrinkle”creams. I was on the RoC binge for a few months, too. However, another change in life is that I find myself able to retire from my 24 year supervisory Network Analyst position next year.

She is a 35 year old trapped in a 23 year old body. She has always been understanding toward my marriage and has never interfered with it. She has fallen in love with me as well. I have a hobby in the nightclub industry which allows me to be out of my home at night many times throughout the month so i use any excuse I can to spend time with this other woman. My wife has been the perfect woman and loves me like no other, but my feelings are not mutual as we have grown apart.

@eliza – I was so glad to see your post (& those following in agreement). I was starting to feel like the only one with that opinion on him. I think he’s recycling the story he told about his divorce from Cindy Crawford if memory serves me right. But he and Diane have such chemistry in their movies together. But on another note, he was really great in Arbitage. It was good to see him back in a solid movie.

She’s from my area and reminds me of everyone I don’t want to be friends with IRL. We have a few things in common…..our name and our age! I look forward to seeing what you have to share. Catching up on your YouTube videos.

I consider having been in four serious committed relationships in my life. The first two we were no more than 2 years apart the last two have been differences of 10 and now almost 15 years. I honestly was not looking for a younger woman it just happened and i do admit I when i discovered our age diff I did think about whether it was a good idea. I have probably 4 or 5 male friends that have partners years younger and apart from one, which ended in divorce the others appear to be working. I’m in the same situation only I’m a 17 year old girl a and he’s 27. It’s early days for us at the moment and I don’t think he wants to start anything properly until I’m 18 but I too worry about the age gap and what my parents and friends will think.

Hiya hun I was having very similar dylema. I’ve being getting on very friendly with an older man. I’ve got to children to 2 different dad’s and just feel this time if I was with some 1 older they might be abit more mature and not act so childish.

I joked that he would end up with a Cardio Kayla type girl – i.e. a 20-ish aerobics instructor with fake boobs who really likes his boat and fast car. LAK, old rich guys can get women to marry them of course but generally custody goes to the mother and the relationship with the children whithers. From what I have seen from my divorced friends’ experiences, if a man has cheated/misbehaved generally the children will take the mother’s side pretty much 100%.

I was madly in love with her and still am madly in love with her. However, over our 13 years of marriage, she was increasingly aj ogden divorce restless with her sexuality and finally came out as gay. At first I was devastated but accepted her as she is.

Then my son who lived with us fulltime now stays at weekends . I will always feel bad about leaving him when I left his dad and in time he will slowly forgive me. But it was either disintergrate more or get out and start again which I did.