The Shuriken is a four-pronged metal star that has a circular hole in the center, which is present for ergonomic reasons. But, there are different types of swords depending on the size and the overall designs. Some trained shinobis would also have fake tags with them which would force the enemy to make a miscalculated move. At times, even the most skillful ninjas occasionally encounter an unexpected attack.

Its blade length measures around 58 centimeters long, and it comes in a black scabbard. However, you have no options for personalization when it comes to the color and material of the fittings. We know that the ninjas had to move in a technically stealthy way while performing their spy-related tasks.

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It was mainly used by farmers and is still in their use, but some ninjas also started using it. Apart from farming purposes, kama is used to kill or harm a person. It was primarily used for farming purposes, but then ninjas used them. It has a round hole in the handle, and the top is a sharp leaf-like structure.

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