By grouping households together it’s possible to negotiate much lower energy tariffs than an individual switching supplier on their own. The Quiz Night, held at the Hall on Saturday, was, as usual, a most enjoyable evening. Quizmaster Denise Grant produced a good selection of interesting questions and the half-time food was excellent. This year’s Denton Beer Festival, held on Saturday 18th June, was just as successful as the first one, held last year.

It was clear at the APM that most people wanted the scheme to carry on and several offered to contribute their time. The first requirement is to identify a new site. Part of the allotment land behind the playing field has been suggested but it will require improved vehicular access. This year was no exception; 130 people sat down for an excellent four-course supper, the Village Hall was packed, the conversation deafening.

Aroma is spicy hop, hints of citrus and tobacco, tangy twigs. Flavour is composed of toasted nuts, spicy citrus hop, little wood and pine. Funk is an American musical style that originated in the mid-to late-1960’s when African-American musicians blended soul music, soulful jazz, and R&B into a rhythmic, danceable new form of music. Funk brings a strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums to the foreground. Funk music was a major influence on the development of 1970’s disco music, and has even impacted house music and hip-hop.

Jo and David Wright of Fir Tree Farm are leaving the village and, very generously, paid for the wine consumed with the meal. Manor Hill Farm is open to visitors year-round on Fridays (4pm-9pm), Saturdays (12pm-7pm) and Sundays [pii_email_8e9d4369da3160370394] shelby lasalle 804-536-9727 bent creek (12pm-7pm) with indoor seating, outdoor seating, and a covered tent. If you plan to visit the farm, please click the button below to see our food truck & event schedule as well as other info about visiting the farm.

Once again a wide selection of different ales will be on tap, barbecued food on offer and a variety of musical performers on view. The last will include “Tap the Barrel” who entertained us so well last time. Hampton Roads is home to a beer fest or two and a growing number of craft breweries, but none of them has the spectacular growlers that Growl Fest 2016 offers. When the Virginia Zoo hosts Saturday’s event, beer lovers can sip a craft beer while seeing what the lions, tigers and other animals do after the usual closing time. Experience your neighborhood’s best beers all under one roof.