AND NO ONE WANTS TO FEEL LIKE THEY’RE BEING YELLED AT WHEN THEY READ! Anything posted in ALLCAPS is not only hard on the eyes but to me says that the person who posted it is lazy and oblivious. Casting a 30 second demo read currently required, with full script to be produced at a later date. It’s become as common as Puffs and Pennzoil. Everyone needs it, but no one really mentions it like the huge product game-changer it once was. I am finding talent php expert for my project, you need to know about ticket field and adding function.

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However, I know plenty of voice actors who scan Craigslist for VO work, as well as aspiring voice actors/beginners looking to gain more experience . And the primary reason I took the time to write this guide is to help others avoid getting scammed, spammed or exploited via Craigslist. Our team bring readers the latest breaking news relating to professional voice actors, studio technology, voice over marketing, entertainment, business and career guidance.

Would like to hire someone to do a life drawing of me it’s something I have always wanted to do and figured now is as good a time as any. I have always thought of having a class do it but not sure if I have the nerve to sit in front of a large class naked that’s why I would prefer to have an individual artist do it. It’s a song / album project to be released in Oct. Positive song, preferably someone spiritual / Christian as song was inspired / written with that in mind. Attached is just a recently done proj for reference.

I have a 768 words document that I would like to have converted to human supported audio and completed within 24 hours. Also, please provide an audio with response and unfortunately I can only entertain english bids. Currently no open jobs for this search.

We have handpicked the best announcers and voice actors for your corporate, political, commercial, documentary, or anime projects. Immediately as crazy, like this “Drunk Santa” ad I shared on TSCC. Voice actor Bobbin Beam also blogged about this back in March 2008. The guide that follows was originally developed for performers in general, which I realize is not voice actor-specific and could be taken as somewhat “off-topic” for this blog.

Other similar consumer-resource sites may also help, such as,, and If the post includes a phone number, physical location address, website, e-mail address, company/agency or individual’s full name, use Google Search to verify their legitimacy. Now I realize that for some the mere mention of the site causes audible groans, acid reflux and possibly diarrhea too. I’ve heard some dismiss Craigslist outright as crap and/or say it’s nothing more than a giant cave where spammers and scammers lurk and try to lure the foolish and naive to their doom. Casting a couple of different roles for two commercials for a kitchen appliance company.