All you need is two mugs, a cup and you’re ready to strain. Wait and see the tea leaves dance and finally settle down at the bottom of your cup. Carrie Keplinger shares 4 ways on how to make loose leaf tea without an infuser. Our trained team of editors and researchers validate articles for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Once infused you can remove it and then reuse the leaves again for a second or third infusion. The taste of loose leaf tea is much better than that of teabags. Teabags tend to be mass produced, and therefore they can’t be made from the best leaves of the tea plant. They are instead made from later harvested or older tea leaves. This not only lowers the nutrient content of the leaves, but also the flavor as well. The leaves also need to be packed into the teabags, so they have to be ground into much finer pieces.

In addition to keeping the leaves together, it also facilitates brewing, particularly if the bag contains a thread and tag. Making tea is simple and effortless when using tea bags because no extra tools or equipment are required. Additionally, it takes a lot less time because there is no preparation or cleaning involved.

This dreamy Gold Accent Mug comes with a perfectly fitted detachable infuser that allows your loose tea to expand and infuse your cup with a balanced flavor. After it’s done steeping, you simply take the infuser out and set it aside until you’re ready to re-steep your leaves. You should fill your kettle with cold, filtered water and turn it on. If you don’t have a stovetop or electric tea kettle, you can also heat up water using a pot on the stove. In a pinch, you can even heat up hot water in the microwave.

You might need to use the fork to fish out a couple of tea leaves that might have gone through the fork. Brew your loose tea in one cup then use the slotted spoon to strain the tea as you pour it into another cup. The easiest way to brew loose tea is using an infuser.

Either way, just remember that making tea is just like making spaghetti, all you need is hot water, the ingredients and a strainer. The best teapots for loose leaf tea are easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and mesh well with your individual style. We tend to recommend teapots that come with built-in infuser baskets because they make it easy to steep your tea for a precise amount of time.

If all that sounds like too much work try our Tea Infusers. Factory filled with premium loose leaf tea these disposable tea infusers are elegantly modern alternative to loose leaf tea and that ugly tea bag. Amazingly convenient to use, Tea Infusers let you brew whole leaf teas directly in a cup, without tea pots, strainers or stirrers. Placed in a cup just pour hot water directly over the Tea Infuser and your world class tea is ready to sip. Imagine the convenience of brewing your favorite premium leaf tea, in a cup on your office desk. Unlike tea bags Tea Infusers do not collapse and compress when steeped in water, allowing tea leaves the desired space to uncurl and release delicate flavors and aromas.

Utilizing a variety of liquids to strain is another highly effective technique. All of the tea leaves and leaf fragments will be caught thanks to its incredible effectiveness! You can purchase a prepared cloth strainer with a handle that is very simple to use and that you can just lay over your jug or other container. Keep in mind that measuring tea leaves isn’t an exact science; feel free to eyeball it or use whatever spoon you have on hand.

While your water is heating up, you should measure your tea leaves into your pot. Most modern teapots come with a built-in metal or ceramic infuser—if you pot has one, this is where you should put the leaves. If your pot doesn’t have how many shots in long island iced tea an infuser, you can spoon the leave directly into the pot. Then discard the hot water and prepare your tea as usual. That said, you don’t necessarily need any fancy equipment like an electric kettle with a temperature control.

This is probably the point where some people will roll their eyes and stop reading this article. This method is most helpful for tea-loving campers, hikers and picnickers who forgot to pack their tea strainer. As with the sieve, most modern-day kitchens will have a slotted spoon.