Forceful motions or too much pressure can put streaks in the paint, and cause paint to build-up on the sleeve. For large areas, use a bucket with a roller screen placed inside. The bucket will hold more paint than a tray will, and will not be as easy to accidentally push around or spill. Never start against an edge, like a corner or molding, with a full roller of paint.

Read the cleaning instructions on your specific paint type for the solvent you should use; some usual suspects are mineral spirits, denatured alcohol, or paint thinner. The cost of new rollers for every paint project adds up fast! Save money with some seriously easy tricks that will extend the life of this essential tool.

Jeff Baldwin is a Residential Painter and the Owner of Baldwin Custom Painting. With two decades of painting experience, Jeff specializes in high-end residential and small commercial painting projects. A good paint roller hellfire citadel raids can make any painting project fast and easy. Spend a little more money to buy a high-quality roller that will apply the paint smoothly. A good roller won’t absorb as much paint and it won’t leave fibers in the paint.

If you’re using a roller, paint it as you would a wall. If it’s a different color than the walls, mask off the top of the walls. Continue this process until the entire wall is painted. If you did not prime your sleeve with water, dip and roll the sleeve at least 5 or 6 times to fully coat it.

If you are using a pan, pour about 1 in (2.5 cm) of paint into the well of the pan. If you are painting a small or easy-to-reach-area, attaching a handle to the frame is not necessary. A good roller cover is the most important part of your rolling setup.

Clever painting tips and tricks can elevate a basic DIY. I know from my early painting attempts that this happened to me when I tried to put to much paint on or not take enough paint off the roller. Does your roller leave dry portions strips on the wall after every rotation? You probably applied too much paint if it’s dripping off the roller.