As soon as the player reels in their line after they find any Pokémon or item from such spots, the bubbles will disappear until the player re-enters the area. The bubbles will also disappear if the player moves too quickly near the spot, if they move over it, or if they reel in their rod too quickly. Once the bubbles disappear, the encounter rate returns to that of other fishing spots. There is a bit of a mini-game involved in catching the Pokemon with the fishing rod.

Surfing across the water leads to possibly encountering Frillish and others. Also, there is a 40% chance that the player will randomly encounter Tympole during a rainstorm. Even if the player only looks for the wanderers, this is a good place to check out. In XYS06, Clemont and Bonnie participated in a fishing competition held in Lumiose City. Clemont intended to use his high-tech fishing rod to win, but Cilan, also taking part in the competition, commented him on his way of approach to fishing. With Cilan’s advice, Bonnie managed to reel in a Clawitzer, which, due to it then proceeding to attack them, was driven away by Cilan’s Stunfisk, by which time the competition already ended.

Lana managed to use her fishing skills to feed Kyogre some Antidote and subsequently to help calm down its rage. Fishing was a central plot element in Big Sky, Small Fry! While Team Rocket was taken away by Bewear in the middle of their fishing, Lana managed to hook up the Totem Pokémon, a School Form Wishiwashi, almost immediately, and proceeded to battle it. She was eventually able to defeat the Totem Pokémon, receiving a Waterium Z as a reward. The player is allowed to defeat, catch or simply run away from any encounters found this way without the chain breaking.

I love marine biology, so any fish that is based on the real science of the ocean gets a solid fin up from me. Introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the region infamously known for having a lot of water, Sharpedo is one of many fish Pokémon from this generation but stands out thanks to its stellar design. It’s a wonder we didn’t have a shark Pokémon sooner, but this one looks seriously menacing, especially in its monstrous mega evolution form.

Our Pokemon Sword and Shield How-to Fish guide will walk you through the simple process of fishing in this brand new set of games! If you’re looking for some quality water type Pokemon out in the wilds, then you can’t do much better than tossing out a line and seeing what nibbles. Now it’s simply a case how to use a fishing rod in pokemon sword of waiting for the Pokemon to bite. Press A as soon as you see the rod move and your controller vibrate and you’ll reel in the Pokemon to begin the battle. If you’re not fast enough with this, you’ll fail this little fishing mini-game and you’ll have to throw your line out on a shadow all over again.