This is useful for finding relationships between two search terms. Following a hyphen – directly with a word is another Google Search operator, and this one tells Google to exclude whatever follows that hyphen from the search results. Under Keyword, enter the shortcut key you want to use to trigger that search.

When you do a related search, Google will spit out results for sites that are in the same ballpark as the one you have singled out. Using OR between search termsbroadensyour results as any or all of your search terms can be present. But the true value of a sponsored post doesn’t come down to links anyway. You can even search for multiple footprints AND multiple keywords. Not exactly a search operator, but acts as a wildcard for Google Autocomplete.

You’ll often need to try different search terms to find what you’re looking for. The exact or explicit phrase search is very useful for excluding more common but less relevant results. I am looking for a script that exclude all search terms that meet certain criteria from all my shopping campaigns.

And add in after a foreign language word to have Google translate that word into a language you understand. You can search for time in to see what time it is in another city right now, or you can search for to time to see the time difference between where you live and somewhere else. And you can see what events are happening in a city you’re traveling to in the next few days, next week, or next month by searching for events. Google search hasn’t changed the negation/not/minus operator.

So don’t assume that your pages are unsecure just because they appear as such in Google’s index. Similar to “inanchor,” but only results containing allof the specified words in the inbound anchor text will be returned. Similar to “intext,” but only results containing allof the how to exclude words in a google search specified words somewhere on the page will be returned. For this example, any results containing the word “apple” in the URL will be returned. In our example, any pages returned will be related to jobs but notApple . You’ll need to know their name obviously for this to work.