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This will return all posts that sit below the blog subfolder. The Google boolean OR function tells the search you want to find all of those file types. For instance, if the function is AROUND then the results that are shown are ones where keyword 1 and keyword 2 are mentioned within 4 words of each other in the copy.

To do this, simply enclose the search phrase within double quotes. In some databases and search engines the AND is implied so if you enter multiple words the database will search for results which contain all/both words. When it comes to excluding specific keywords or items from your search results, all you need to do is place a hyphen in front of the word without a space. You can even add keywords to these searches so you can try and find out whether they have been mentioned around specific topics. This is every result that uses ‘football’ in the title, which is pretty wide. Diving deeper into this with additional keywords or operators would be recommended.

You will only get a list of indexed pages that are relevant to your search query but do not include the keyword in the content. There’s no denying the power of Google search operators. With just a little added effort, you can make sure that you’re finding exactlythe content you’re looking for—and one way to do that is to exclude results from sites that you don’t care about.

You can also use the “In title” search in Content Explorer to find competitor reviews. You can build relationships with these people and get them to review your product/service too. For example, let’s exclude word from google search assume I was looking for more SEO-related link prospects. Divide the second number by the first—if it’s above 0.5, it’s a good, relevant prospect; if it’s above 0.75, it’s a super-relevant prospect.

But they haven’t written any posts dedicated to our toolset, as they have with Moz. This is usually quite easy to find on most websites—it’s just the contact details that can be somewhat elusive. Do this for a handful of infographics and you’ll have a good list of prospects. The filetype operator does also support things like .asp, .php, .html, etc. For this reason, it’s easy to forget about old files you may have uploaded. FYI, this filter actually looks for links on a domain-level rather than a page-level.

Remember to always include a space before the – sign, and none after. Fortunately, there are a lot of Google search parameters. In my dedicated article about it, I was able to list 50+ Google search operators you could be using. Check this article if you want to do some really advanced refinement of your search results. Google search operators are special commands you type into Google to refine your searches and get even more relevant results.

It is especially useful to find and access publications that you already know, or to do a quick search on a topic. Read these tips to improve your searching with Google Scholar, and to find out when it is useful for you to search with Google Scholar – and when you’d better use another tool or database. The next step is to click on the three dots next to a keyword you want to exclude from your search history and choose “Remove from History”. However, there are still some enhancements you have to try the advanced search for. I want to search for iPhone 11 to iPhone 13 but don’t want iPhone 12 in the search results. If you search your favorite food, and then click “Search Tools” right under the search bar, you’ll be able to filter recipes based on ingredients, cook time and calories.

You should check individual areas of the site, like a blog or category section. Below, we have put together a Google search operator cheat sheet, designed to help you find the right operators for the right task. If you want a full list of Google search operators, jump to the table at the bottom.