A good yarn winder has a smooth and even winding process. Many will include features such as an easy-to-use crank handle, a comfortable grip, or an onboard directional guide for ease of use. Look for well-reviewed yarn winders from reputable brands to ensure a pleasant setup and use. Besides looks, a well-built wooden yarn winder tends to be sturdier than plastic types. Plastic snaps more easily and can become brittle over the years, whereas polished wood can last decades. However, wooden yarn builders tend to come at a premium price that doesn’t appeal to many hobbyists.

Pull the beginning tail out of the notch on the wheel, and carefully pull your ball off the yarn winder. I will also add that my winder has a screw on the bottom of it that scratched up my table the first time I used it, so I also keep something down underneath it when I work. If you are choosing a manual winder, the crank system should be smooth and have an even tension when it is not in use. It should not feel like it is going to come off as soon as you place a yarn and start winding. Clamp the yarn winder securely to the side of a table; a nonslip layer can be used to ensure the clamp doesn’t damage the table.

Also, any partial skeins you have left over from a project are much easier to keep organized if they are in cakes instead of floppy skeins. A yarn winder is a must-have tool in every knitting and crochet enthusiasts’ craft collection. There are many names for this tool – a wool winder, ball winder, yarn baller, or yarn roller. No matter what you call it, a yarn winder will make the time-consuming and annoying task of winding yarns much easier.

I’ve been buying more hanks recently, so do I need a swift for those? If you purchase yarn in hanks, you will be much happier if you invest in a yarn swift as well as a winder. When you untwist a hank, it will look like a large circle of yarn. The swift will spin in a circle while you wind the yarn into a cake with your winder. Will you be winding from a hank of yarn or from a skein of yarn?

Before I had actual stitch markers on hand I would use little pieces of yarn, earrings, or safety pins. But, it’s nice to have stitch markers handy on projects that call for them. I have several different notions cases that I use and love.

Umbrella Yarn swift is the perfect yarn winder on the market for holding almost all sizes of hank. The lightweight swift is made with high quality birch wood to provide a smooth experience when winding your hank or skeins. Planning to buy a yarn ball winder but don’t know which one’s c2c rectangle pattern the best for you? This yarn winder buying guide will help you choose by explaining all you need to consider when selecting a new yarn winder. A yarn winder is a useful tool to have on hand for those who do a lot of fiber crafts. These tabletop gadgets make preparing yarns simple.

Yarn winders come in wood or plastic options, with plastic options common. Choosing between the two materials comes down to style, budget, and durability. The center pull from a cake is much smoother & easier to pull from and like said above, organizing scraps into mini cakes is great. I love having a crochet stitch dictionary handy.

If using a hank, you’ll definitely want to wind it before using. It took me a couple minutes to get it put together and to sort out how to place the yarn in the guides to get started but once I figured it out it was a total breeze. I got six hanks of yarn wound from the swift in little time.