He co-hosted the series with Kenneth Morrison, better known as CinnamonToastKen, who is also a video game commentator. In 2011, he saw that Flash animations were in decline, around the time of the “iPhone era”. He looked at his old YouTube channel and noticed that his art tutorial videos had received the most views.

The company continued to grow over the years and was eventually purchased by LinkedIn for $1.5 Billion in 2015 and helped launch what became LinkedIn Learning. And, a year later in 2016, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion. Make videos on how to work around the myriad idiosyncrasies of pokemon sword fishing your crappy products. Someone is making money off of their tutorial videos, which feature some Windows products. People like to reminisce about the good ‘ol days when you bought a game and it had a physcial manual with it, something you could review again and again to learn how to play the game.

It’s important not to focus on the channels of superstars like PewDiePie or Smosh, but rather concentrate on working with a small network. Any YouTube channel that maintains consistent, quality content and understands its target audience will automatically become a relevant advertising partner for companies. In order to outmaneuver the competition, you will require topics and formats which strike a chord with users and are not already covered by larger channels. The more innovative and sought-after your idea is, the higher the chances of the audience paying attention. When brainstorming ideas, consider things that you enjoy, things you can do well, or fields you are very knowledgeable in. If you are enthusiastic about your videos, it will reflect onto your viewers.

In July, Kjellberg posted a meme with singer Demi Lovato’s face; the meme jokingly referenced Lovato’s struggles with addiction. The meme was posted around the same time Lovato was hospitalized after suffering an opioid overdose. In January 2017, Kjellberg uploaded a video that appeared to show him using the slur “nigger”. In another video, Kjellberg featured two paid individuals on Fiverr, asked to hold a sign that read “Death to all Jews”. He alleged his intent was not against Jews, but to showcase how “crazy” the modern world and website were.

“It’s official! After 1,000 videos on “Draw with Jazza”, I’ve changed the channel name to just “Jazza” – now I can be creative in whatever way I want! LET’S HAVE FUN!!!” – via Twitter. A recent marketing promotion between Microsoft and Machinima has sparked a discussion about the ethics of how YouTubers make a living. Ars Technica has a piece detailing a recent promotion where Microsoft could pay YouTubers up to $3,750 for a video featuring Xbox One content, with the proviso that the YouTuber could not say “anything negative or disparaging about Machinima, Xbox One or any of its Games in your Campaign Video.”

She is a resource for women on wheels who aspire to live their dream of being a mom. Her channel has a ton of instructional videos on everything from how she cooks her family dinner to how she’s doing with her latest pregnancy journey. When looking for a good paralysis YouTube channel, what you want to look for above anything else is authenticity and the ability to communicate clearly. There are hundreds of people with paralysis that have YouTube channels, but not all of them are technically that great. What you also need to look for is quality as well, i.e., making sure the video is recorded in high resolution and with clean transitions/editing and a viewpoint that is clear. This year’s YouTube delegation at the World Economic Forum is the biggest ever.