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That’s why developing the best MMA gloves is something we’re so passionate about. Over the years we’ve won over so many professional MMA fighters, coaches and gyms. We’ve done this through making the best products through holding ourselves to the highest of standards.

The padding is generally thicker for beginners, and they use gloves that weigh 6oz. As thicker gloves offer more protection to the fighter and beginners require better padding. In Mixed Martial Arts, there are numerous layers to a fighter’s technique and functionality. The sliding gate for wood fence fighters’ gloves are one of the most critical parts of their attire as the gloves can significantly impact the form and training of the fighter. Finding the right fit of gloves can not only be daunting but confusing as well, and we are here to make your dilemma easier.

We carry official licensed UFC products for MMA fans of all ages. When you order a UFC product from us, you can be sure that it is authentic and approved by UFC athletes. Our products have a number of features to ensure safety and long-lasting performance, even after many uses. In the end, it all narrows down to how much mass you require as a player and the type of player you are.

There are several design features that make them uniquely suited for their individual sports. For training purposes, a heavier glove is recommended for a better workout – typically ranging from 12oz to 16oz depending on your preference. Closure methods are another area where manufacturers experiment with finding the best ways to keep the gloves on your hands. We will take a closer look at the key differences between boxing and MMA gloves in general and then highlight the different subtypes of each.

If the best boxers from the golden age of boxing did, then you should too. Another critical difference between gloves is the finger enclosure. The mixed martial art glove has an open finger design because the sport’s rules allow for grappling. And you will find it extremely challenging to secure a kimura lock, for example, with the mittens that are boxing gloves.

Moreover, the fitting of your fighting glove should be secure so that there is no possibility of your glove shifting positions or slipping off during training. For this purpose, make sure that the straps of your glove are fastening securely around your wrist. Although the lace straps are better when it comes to the fitting, the Velcro strapped gloves are easily more functional and easy to fasten. Because of the increase in the popularity of MMA fights, many people have shown interest in learning MMA techniques. The primary and foremost concern that new fighters learning MMA have is choosing the right sized fighting gloves.

These are also made with durable materials as they are expected to be used daily and for long periods of time. Aside from choice materials, the stitching is reinforced so that these could be worn without worry of tearing apart suddenly. Even with this development, the UFC only required the use of MMA gloves at UFC 14 in July 1997. This was largely due to the bid of making MMA a professional sport and regulating it due to the many backlashes it received.

Sparring is a form of free fighting where the fighting session is extended. These sessions are usually used to train the fighter in terms of accuracy and stamina. Therefore, these gloves are more padded than the actual competition gloves and are not used for proper combat training.