Such defects scale back the light emitting effectivity of the light-emitting diode 25, and the amplification factor of the opto-isolator transistor 27 is reduced, which reduces the CTR. When the CTR is reduced, the opto-isolator 21 is said to be operating in degraded state. When the stress situations are eliminated, the crystal lattice self-anneals and most, but not all, of the lattice injury is repaired. After repeated cycles, the CTR is steadily lowered so low that the SMPS 1 fails to accurately regulate the direct output voltage, VDC, and the SMPS 1 is deemed to be faulty. A faulty SMPS 1 is typically removed and changed, with the eliminated SMPS 1 being set aside for subsequent testing, evaluation and restore.

5 is a schematic diagram of a first exemplary embodiment of a suggestions circuit for a SMPS. The suggestions circuit 117 consists of input terminals 115A and 115B connected to optimistic and negative nodes of an output voltage of a SMPS. Output terminals 119A and 119B are connected to a PWM, such because the PWM proven in FIG. Opto-isolator 172, an amplifier, is related to a load resistor 174, which is related to the output of a suggestions amplifier a hundred and eighty, which can be an operational amplifier. The values of the resistors 186, 188, a hundred ninety and the biasing voltage 196 decide the overall acquire of the feedback amplifier one hundred eighty.

In sure instance embodiments, the utilization information is measured by sensors one hundred sixty and/or the energy metering module 111 on the course of the PHM engine 106 of the PHM system 104. The information may be stored in the storage repository a hundred yogasix cornelius thirty as stored information 134. Examples of such data can embody, however is not restricted to, current, voltages, resistance, VARs, hours of operation, gentle output, dimming stage, and capacitance.

The energy module 112 can even defend the remainder of the electronics (e.g., hardware processor one hundred twenty, transceiver 124) within the gentle fixture 102 from surges generated in the line. The energy module 112 of the PHM system 104 supplies energy to a quantity of other components (e.g., real-time clock one hundred ten, PHM engine 106) of the PHM system 104. In addition, in sure instance embodiments, the facility module 112 can present power to the facility supply 140 of the light fixture 102. The power module 112 can include a quantity of of numerous single or multiple discrete elements (e.g., transistor, diode, resistor), and/or a microprocessor. The power module 112 might include a printed circuit board, upon which the microprocessor and/or a number of discrete elements are positioned. Such a power metering module can be thought of a type of sensor (e.g., sensor 160) herein.

As one more instance, the PHM engine 106 can determine a failure of a sealing member (e.g., a gasket) of the sunshine fixture 102. As another instance, the PHM engine 106 can determine if an explosive gas focus exceeds a threshold value, creating a hazardous situation. Other algorithms 133 could be directed to the light sources 142 of the light fixture 102. As another example, when a number of mild sources 142 of the sunshine fixture 102 are decided to start failing, the algorithm 133 can direct the PHM engine 106 to generate an alarm for predictive maintenance.