Overall, and I might be biased, I thought I had the win but some desperate measures saved Sean late on. This is a wider version of an old, somewhat unloved mechanic, Morbid, from original Innistrad, and you can plainly see what six years of learning has done for the Magic design team when looking through AER. Servos are very good in this archetype when you can get them, but feel free to sacrifice undersized creatures and cheap artifacts instead.

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Vehicles die in combat way more than out of combat. Vehicles are also really good on defense, which many players forget when analyzing beating java popular programming language says a board state. You can create Servos and Thopters, use them to cast your spells, and then sacrifice them when you’re done with them.

This glut of removal makes me think that individual cards aren’t that important. Sure, a bomb is a bomb, but there are so many ways to deal with one that I would rather build my deck in a way that it has a consistently high power level than to rely on a bomb from a certain color. Adding to that is the fact that the rares from this set aren’t even that good—there isn’t anything outstanding that can’t be dealt with. In Fate Reforged, if you opened Citadel Siege, you really wanted to make an effort to play it in your deck because it was both insanely better than anything else you could have and hard to remove.

Both of these cards were great in their Limited formats as Phantom Warriors that made your opponent kill their own creature to answer. Gremlin Infestation will suffer a bit as Revolt makes this format a little more hostile to enchanting their permanents, but it’s still strong. Red’s rares are fine but not exceptional, but I want to note again that there haven’t been any absolutely unreal bombs in this set. Add this to the commons and uncommons generally being middling power, and it implies small synergy boosts are going to be a big deal. There’s a lot of contention for the slot of second-best black uncommon, but Gifted Aetherborn is the easy out.

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The colourful nature of the world also extends past the art. One of Magic’s hooks is its five colours of mana, each with its own character, and in AER we see characters of all colours as protagonists and antagonists. For some reason, there are lots of these cute gremlin creatures in Aether Revolt. You will have your box waiting for you with your name on it ready to be picked up first thing on release day, Friday January 20, 2017.

Renegade Map is doubly synergistic in this set on top of playing that role. Three mana for a 3/4 is now off the charts instead of merely a bit bigger than normal, as is four mana for a 4/4. There isn’t a huge difference in pick quality, but the play quality upgrade is there. These cards go from merely good to outright dominant.