Welded finned tubes are critical in high temperature applications such as boilers and economisers. The tube and fins are both manufacturer from steel and can withstand high temperatures for extended periods of time. We can produce welded fin tube from steel or stainless steel and in a wide range of dimensions and fin sizes with serrated and non-serrated fins. Finned tube heat exchangers are often used for heat recovery in processes that exhaust hot gasses. The heat in the gas is transferred into a liquid, usually water or a thermal oil. The heated liquid can be then used in an application where you would normally use even more energy to heat it up.

A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers energy by inductive coupling between its winding circuits. Air Cooled Heat Exchangers is carried away by the water and glycol coolant mixture. Air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air primarily temperature and humidity to more favorable conditions. Thermex also offers 7 different fin diameter, creating an extensive range to meet the demands of most applications. Thermex offer both Copper and Aluminium fins which are selected based on the operating environment. Finned Tube Heat Exchangersare the latest addition to the range of high performance cooling products available from Thermex.

It’s all about controlling heat energy — either removing it or adding it, depending on the goal and function. Designed to exchange thermal energy between physical systems the offered equipment is widely utilised in oil, gas, power and process applications. Further, we stock a wide range of innovative heat transfer systems in different configurations that can be ordered from us at a leading price. In order to meet total client satisfaction, our company is instrumental in manufacturing and exporting Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.

We are offering an wide range of heat exchangers which is used in tea driers and sugar mills. This heat exchangers are manufactured using aluminium extruded type finned tubes. One fluid runs through the search exclude word tubes, and another fluid flows over the tubes to transfer heat between the two fluids. They are used to boil water recycled from a surface condenser into steam to drive a turbine to produce power.

Most shell-and-tube heat exchangers are either pass designs on the tube side. The Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger can be either liquids or gases on either the shell or the tube side. Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger order to transfer heat efficiently, a large heat transfer area should be used, leading to the use of many tubes. With the aid of our highly experienced professionals, we are instrumental in developing high quality Industrial Heat Exchangers. We are developing an innovative range of heat exchangers that are built in sections and can be separated with divider plates to offer multipurpose usage. Ideal for food processing industries, textile mills and power generation plants we have developed a high performing range of heat exchangers ranging from 12 tons to 40 tons capacities.

You can either look at the different finned tube products we have available and pick one — or you can learn about our capabilities and come up with your own configuration based on existing products. The objective of a heat exchanger may be to recover or reject heat, or to sterilize, pasteurize, fractionalize, distill, crystallize, or control a fluid or process fluid. E) The bonding of the outer and inner tubes removes the risk of loss of contact with the aluminium due to thermal stress and fins are vibration resistant. Fins can range in height (high-fin to low-fin) and the fins can be either pressure connected to the outer surface of the tube or formed into the tube surface.

Service performancesIn addition to our range of equipment we offer training courses and commissioning of the equipment as well as assistance in laboratory planning. FlumesGUNT experimental flumes and their accessories open up a wide range of experiments and demonstrations on the topics of open-channel flow, running waters, hydraulic engineering and coastal protection. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations – and we are dedicated to achieving this through ongoing review of process and systems. Our reputation is built on close working relationships with clients across the world, understanding their specific requirements and ensuring that we never disappoint. It is a reputation of which we are proud and one which we aim to build upon as our networks expand.

The offered finned tube heat exchangers are widely used in various applications like air compressors, diesel engines, hydraulic power packs, plastic machines, marine and generators. With the aim of attaining pinnacle success in the market, we are engaged in developing high performing Finned Tube Heat Exchanger. We are developing the most advanced range of heat exchangers that is ideal for water, oil or other fluid processing applications. Developed with compliance to set industry standards the precisely developed heat exchanger is fabricated from robust grade components and extruded finned tubes for higher heat efficiency. Further, we are providing the light weight and easy to install heat exchanger is varied capacities at a leading price. Applied finned tube provides excellent thermal conductivity for use in air cooled heat exchangers.

We are a Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Paddy Drier Heat Exchanger. We are offering wide range paddy drier heat exchanger for 12 tons, 16 tons, 24 tons, 32 tons, 40 tons. And we are using Aluminium extruded finned tubes for our heat exchangers. We are highly experienced firm gaining wide acclamation for the quality of our offered Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. Equipped with quality tested components the noise free heat exchanger is accessible in varied design configurations at a nominal price.