Well, everything will be exactly as it should be thanks to the new marriage law. The adventures of Harry Potter, youngest Headmaster in Hogwarts History, and cheerfulhealthyme his beloved Pet Hermione. The author of this story plans to write about all seven of their years at Hogwarts, but only the first three are complete now.

Harry and Hermione are one of the most popular relationships from the Harry Potter series that never actually happens. The month that passed was awkward. Crookshanks had to borrow clothes from Harry so that Hermione could take him shopping for things.

A Harry/Ginny Soul Bond Fic that will challenge the very essence of meaning of the soul. Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel leave their quiet retirement to help. Voldemort may be gone but evil never dies.

One-shot, no bashing of any characters. When one of the people you trusted most betrays you, you feel like the world is against you. Oh well, people will just have to learn that your trust has to be earned, not given. “How was it that those strong enough to handle it felt the most broken?” HHr, AU. Hermione and Harry cling to each other after Ron dies in the final battle.

Only with the help of Hermione and some new friends and allies can he learn to master his newfound power. He only hopes it’s enough to save him from the Dementors and Sirius Black. Things aren’t as they seem as Harry, Hermione, and Ron set off to hunt horcruxes.

I can’t believe I missed that. You hooked me with your Tangled Destinies series, then completely enslaved me with your Harry Potter slash. While I don’t normally read het anymore, I so adore this series and the unspeakable plot, which I’m looking forward to reading again when you put it on this site.