When the class is interrupted by Ministry of Magic officials, that student boldly talks back to the man in charge. The Lestrange family tree is eerily similar to the Black family tree. The traveling circus has a number of magical creatures in captivity. The Circus Arcanus has a Kappa in captivity; Remus Lupin teaches his students about that very creature. On top of some cornerstone characters making a return — one in a younger body, one in an entirely different form altogether — “Crimes of Grindelwald” has multiple sneaky references to Harry’s adventures.

Here’s a parody of “The Periodic Table Song” that’ll be playing in your head for hours on end. Busy criticizing everyone else, Cormac lets in several goals; in the middle of the game, Harry sees him grab a… However, he himself is being hounded by Cormac, keen to share Quidditch strategy and criticism of the rest of the team, and Lavender,… However, when he remarks that Cormac looked like he’d been Confounded on his last shot, Hermione looks pink and embarrassed. “My students can’t get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof.” -Graham S.

She pops up twice in “Crimes of Grindelwald.” She enters Dumbledore’s classroom at one point and can also be seen chasing a young Leta during a flashback scene (although this cameo will feel strange to some fans; the timelines don’t quite match up). Minerva McGonagall is the Head of Gryffindor House and the Hogwarts Transfiguration professor throughout the original “Harry Potter” series. It’s interesting, then, to see Dumbledore himself — as a younger man in “Crimes of Grindelwald” — spending time in front of the dangerous reflection. In one scene, we see Dumbledore teaching a student how to duel in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Unreal was picked up for a second season but Stroma had said that he does not think his character will be back. However, during a Paley Center panel on Unreal he said that he is hopeful as the show will continue to feature Everlasting. After the season 1 finale, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, one of the co-creators of Unreal, confirmed that Stroma would be back in season 2. In 2014, he was cast in the role of Jack in the psychological thriller After the Dark, which was formerly known as The Philosophers, with his former Harry Potter co-star Bonnie Wright.

Although they were in the same House, Harry strongly disliked McLaggen. The two first met in 1996 when they were both questioned by Professor Slughorn. They met again when McLaggen tried out crochet shop names for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, of which Harry was the Captain. It seemed that McLaggen wrongly expected preferential treatment from Harry because the two were both in the Slug Club.

Cormac joined the revived Dumbledore’s Army to oppose the Death Eater teachers Alecto and Amycus Carrow. In December, McLaggen attended Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party with Hermione, who was also a member of the Slug Club. The evening did not go well for him, however, as Hermione only asked him out to get back at Ron dating Lavender Brown to spite her. She avoided him for most of the night to talk to Harry and Luna Lovegood.

When a member of the family dies, that person’s section of the tree withers. Like most Gryffindor students, McLaggen participated in the final battle of the Second Wizarding War and fought alongside the defenders of Hogwarts. It can be assumed that he survived the battle, as he was not listed among the casualties.

After being unceremoniously kicked out for party crashing, Draco is cornered… It seems like half of Gryffindor is trying out for the team, including the swaggering Cormac McLaggen, who is going for Keeper, Ron’s position. Cormac McLaggen was a wizard and member of the McLaggen family, a family that’s “big in the Ministry”. He was Sorted into Gryffindor house and was one year above the famous Harry Potter.