Make sure to collect them right as they appear, as the game won’t allow you to return to the previous areas most of the time. This page of the guide to Halo Infinite lists all the secrets and collectibles of Mission 2 Subplot from the Ringfall chapter. Matthew edits guides and other helpful things at When not doing that, he’s out and about playing Pokémon Go or continuing to amass his amiibo collection. If you reach the room and it won’t open, then a Sentinel must have been destroyed – and so you have to restart the mission to get the Skull.

It’s a grappling game to get up, but when you do, you’ll find it on one of the pillar’s beams. Meanwhile, the UNSC audio log is near where you acquire the Weapon. When you get into that data filled room, you’ll walk down a long, thin bridge, with the UNSC audio log chilling on the pathway. You’ll also get one of the audio logs as part of the mission, just like you did in the first level. The Foundation mission is the second level that you go on, which takes place under a linear format, more akin to the older Halo campaign levels. The result is that you follow easy enough paths, which results in easy collectibles.

That’s all of the collectibles available for player to find in the Foundation level in Halo Infinite. Upon completion of this level you will start the next level called Outpost Tremonius. This page details where to find all the collectibles for the Foundation campaign mission, including UNSC Audio Log, Cowbell Skull, and Banished Audio Log. Playing through the Foundation mission in Halo Infinite’s campaign? Here are all the collectibles you can find to make sure you don’t miss a single thing. Below you can find all the Halo Infinite Foundation collectible locations in the order they appear in the mission.

These mainly include the plentiful Audio Logs and the ever elusive skulls. With developer 343 Industries still working on making missions replayable, you’re going to want to scoop them all up before heading into the next zone. The best way to kick of the Tremonius fight is by quickly eliminating the Jackals first. They’re a pain to have around while you’re trying to focus on Tremonius. If that doesn’t kill them, toss a Hardlight fusion coil their way.

The collectibles in the Foundation station are located in relatively easy-to-find spots. Players also need not worry about leaving a location and not knowing whether they got them all. By checking the map information for the mission, players can see exactly what collectibles still need to be found in the area. In Halo Infinite Foundation, players will find three collectibles in different locations, and they will receive a fourth during the mission. Ride the elevator up after the cutscene, and follow the critical path forward through the next door and hallway. At the end of the hallway, go through the door and then left through the corridor.

There are twelve Skulls that can be found across the map, and in certain levels. After you obtain a Skull it will be available to view in the Tactmap’s Database screen. You can discover where to find each of the Skulls in our Halo Infinite Skull Collectibles Guide.

Just remember, if you see the red flash of light from the Brute, you’re in his sightlines. At least four patrolling Grunts are at the front of the room along with one Elite. Try to get as many headshots on the Grunts as you can first before seeking cover if your shields drop from the incoming fire.

Those are all of the hidden collectibles in Foundation in Halo Infinite. There are many other locations to find throughout the campaign, including those for additional audio logs and skulls, as well as Towers, Armories, and 79cash reddit more. For more tips, head over to our Halo Infinite guides hub. There are two different audio logs you can find amongst the Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles You can get one of each type of Halo Infinite audio logs.

You’ll eventually come to a room full of Cylix tablets floating from left to right. Continue through them and pick up the weapon you’re after at the end. Like the UNSC Audio Log found on Warship Gbraakon, you’ll pick this collectible up automatically as you play through Foundation. Find all of the hidden collectibles in the Foundation mission in Halo Infinite with the help of this guide.