The fusions of the flavours are unmatched; with caramel, chocolate, coffee, and earthy, almost straw-like tones, it is nothing short of succulent. Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi is a notable brewery in the sense that it does not add any sugar or preservatives to any of its beers. Do Icelanders brew their own, or is all beer in Iceland imported?

If you are travelling in Iceland right about now and thinking of opening a bottle over the holidays, it would be better for you to think ahead. By the way, Ölvisholt brewery is fond of naming its beer after gods from the Norse mythology. It is no different in case of this beer, as Forseti is the god of justice and reconciliation. In Old Norse Forseti means ‘the presiding one’, and in modern Icelandic – ‘president’.

Kaldi Blonde is known as one of the more refreshing beers for a quick after work wind down. It might be the closest Iceland comes to a session beer. Beer is brewed in Iceland the same way it is everywhere in the world. But fans of Icelandic beer will tell you that the country’s water, famously some of the purest on the planet, makes for a par-ticularly smooth and enjoyable experience. But just like you can’t say that all American beer is the same, this holds true for the brews from the land of the Vikings.

Produced by Borg Brugghús, a craft brewery, Úlfur is 5.9% proof and has proven so popular that it has its own bar. It is usually served in bottles and is therefore more expensive than beers on tap. Many icelanders have their preferred favorite micro brewery on Laugavegur Street in downtown Reykjavik or elsewhere. Because craft culture, beer culture, and microbrewing are so popular here, there is a plethora of Icelandic beers to choose from.

In addition, this beer would give a punch of coffee and chocolate. Although this looks like more or less pitch black with a mild yellow-coloured head, the beer lovers tend to love this variety because of its exotic taste. I would recommend totallyscience.github all the beer lovers who are looking to buy some of the best Icelandic beers to read this article as I have compiled a list of the best beers from Iceland here. As you sip Leifur, you can taste the Arctic Thyme and heather.

In the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of an elegant bar that houses excellent artwork, you can choose from as many as 14 craft beers on tap. Staples include Bríó , Garún and Úlfur , all descendants of the Borg Brewery. Above all, it’s a unique experience whether you love beer or not. You will be able to enjoy an ice-cold glass of Iceland’s best beer while soaking in a hot tube full of – yes, you guessed it – young beer. This incredible one-of-a-kind-experience will appeal to both conservative as well as slightly wacky beer lovers. The spa bath is full of hops, yeast, beer and water which is excellent for the skin and overall health.

The beer culture in Iceland is fairly recent in comparison to some other countries however, beer drinking is a staple part of the country’s nightlife. Icelandic beer is very popular and the Icelanders are proud of their craft beer in Iceland. With its logo of an erupting volcano, Lava Beer certainly packs some fire.