It’s a disorder where your body produces too much uric acid and clogs your arteries. Both carom seeds and ginger work towards making you sweat, which helps in removing the uric acid from the body. Moreover, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which relieve pain and swelling. The blood becomes more alkaline, and it also reduces body inflammation.

Vitamin C decreases uric acid levels and can help prevent gout attacks. Most studies suggest getting at least 500 mg per day. Since fruit also contains fructose, which is linked with increased uric acid levels, opt for lower-fructose options.

When the body breaks down alcohol, uric acid is produced and excretion of uric acid in the urine is slowed down. But most studies show that wine may be okay to drink in moderation. The goodness of enzymes papain and chymopapain in papaya possess strong anti-inflammatory effects which help in easing inflammation and reduces swelling how to make black skin glow naturally in the joints. It also helps in getting rid of excess uric acids from the body by increasing the alkalinity. Besides these, it is packed with antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C which helps to reduce inflammation and mitigates pain and redness in the joints. Patients with high uric acid must follow a strictly restricted diet.

The uric acid levels can also be reduced by eating a nutritious diet. Eating too much or too often might raise uric acid levels. Pork and mutton are also known to make inflammation worse. Reducing dietary purine lowers uric acid levels because purine in food breaks down into uric acid in the body. Chronically elevated serum uric acid can contribute to various health problems, including Type II Diabetes, hypertension, vascular disease and chronic kidney disease.

Prediabetes is a condition with higher-than-normal levels of blood sugar due to insulin resistance. People with gout are more likely to have diabetes, and people with diabetes are more likely to have gout. This may be because people with diabetes tend to have high levels of uric acid, and people with gout tend to have high levels of inflammation that is linked to diabetes. It is thought that it can take up to two years for the body to get rid of all uric acid crystals. To prevent gout attacks during this time, low-dose colchicine is often also prescribed for the first six months. That effectively reduces the risk of those kinds of attacks.

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