As a general rule, the more websites link to you, the higher you rank in Google. Everyone knows how to use Google, but not everyone knows how to use its full potential. Use these Google search tips along with the search shortcuts to find results faster and with greater precision. Google search is an easy way to stay on top of scores and the latest news about your favorite team. Enter the name of your team or two teams playing each other, and Google will return information about scores and schedules.

Add define before a word or phrase to get a definition of it, or add etymology before a word to see its origins . You can also access calculators directly in Google’s search results. Search for calculator, tip calculator, or mortgage calculator to get the calculator you need to appear at the top of the search results. Type an equation in the browser address bar , and Google will immediately show the result in the search suggestions. And since Google knows everything, it provides built-in tools to narrow down your search and give you the answers you want without even having to click through to another website.

It’s helpful when you’re looking for something with more than one meaning and want to exclude the other meaning. After you run a search, you’ll see a list of relevant websites that match your search terms. If you see a site that looks interesting, you can click a link to open it. If the site doesn’t have what you need, you can simply return to the results page to look for more options.

When you find a study or article online that you think you might want to reference again later, use the Web Clipper to save that webpage to your Evernote account. Or say you’re trying to find the original source of a statistic you found on a website. Search for that statistic in quotation marks to find other sites citing that exact statistic.

We recommend trying a few different search suggestions before using this method. Specifically, the terms appearing will let you look for particular terms in the title, text, URL, etc., of the page. Visit and click Advanced search within Settings placed at the bottom right.

Google can help comparison shop and help look for other price options. Use a $ in front of a number to return price based search results. You’ll need to lutron zwave know their name obviously for this to work. Just wrap the text you want to check inside quotation marks, and Google will show you any pages matching it.

It could be that a page that you want Google to index is not showing up. Or vice-versa, you may discover pages you don’t want to be indexed are showing up . Simply search your site along with a word or phrase, and Google will show you relevant pages you can internally link to and from. You can use symbols and/or words in your search terms to make your results more accurate.

According to Statista, Google has thehighest market share among all search engines. There is really a lot of potential in using Google search operators. If you haven’t been using them actively so far, I strongly recommend you give them a try. You will really become a fast and efficient Google user. If you prefer watching to reading, I have also recorded a video where I show you the above 5 methods of excluding certain words or phrases from search results. You can exclude a word from your search by putting a minus sign (“-“) in front of the term you want to exclude.