This will only return results where football, training, and transfer are all mentioned within the body of text. The next simple step is to check any subdomains attached to the domain, whether you know about their existence or not. For instance, you can limit a search to only looking in page titles, or to specific formats of documents. Use it with care as you may exclude useful articles which cover a range of topics of relevance to you.

If you believe it’s been lost or stolen, you can also secure your device or erase all content from it. And add in after a foreign language word to have Google translate that word into a language you understand. You can search for time in to see what time it is in another city right now, or you can search for to time to see the time difference between where you live and somewhere else. And you can see what events are happening in a city you’re traveling to in the next few days, next week, or next month by searching for events. If you’re looking for the weather stats or forecast for a certain place, all you have to is search weather + the area you’re interested in.

Or type “currency converter” to populate a converter in the search results that lists dozens of convertible currencies. Conversely, you can search for “unit converter” to populate a conversion calculator in Google’s search results. Then, use the dropdown box to select the type of data you’re converting. Even though all the world’s knowledge is accessible through Google, it doesn’t mean you should have to look through all of it to find what you need. There’s an easier way for you to make a search and use all of Google’s advanced search features without actually having to remember all of them. The related search advanced Google search lets you find websites that are similar to one another.

This enables more accurate searching and therefore more relevant results being returned. It also saves you time as you don’t have to carry out numerous similar searches where just one or two search terms are changed how to exclude words from a google search each time. With this Google search operator, you can get results where your search terms are close to each other. The AROUND operator can be used to define the maximum distance between the two keywords.

With billions of websites online today, there is a lot of information on the Internet. Let’s look at the basics of using a search engine, as well as some techniques you can use to get better search results. Did you know that you can use a hyphen to refine a search in Google? If you want to exclude a specific word from a search, use a hyphen after the search term followed by the words to exclude them.

You just need to familiarize yourself with a few—or 33—Google Search tricks. Just like the timer, to use the stopwatch, simply search for the term “stopwatch” on Google, and you’ll get one right away. If you’re looking to embed videos on your ecommerce website, these advanced video search filters will most likely come in handy. To see what filters are available, open, go to Settings and then select Advanced Search.

We recommend trying a few different search suggestions before using this method. We’ll email you 1-3 times per week—and never share your information. Once you’re finished, you can type your shortcut key into Chrome’s omnibar and tap Enter/Return to populate the omnibar with your frequently used search.

FYI, this filter actually looks for links on a domain-level rather than a page-level. It is, therefore, possible that the site could be linking to you from another page, rather than the page in question. You will then see any pages (from our database of 900M+ pieces of content) with the same title as your page/post. That’s 15 other sites with this exact same copy—i.e., duplicate content. I’ve noticed that sometimes, when using this tactic, pages will be indexed without the https.

Results which make you spending more time sifting through each result, clicking back and forth. You will now only see results for higher-end work laptops that are relevant to what you want to buy. These commands can help you communicate to Google exactly what you are looking for.

For this example, the words “apple” and “iphone” must be present in the content and no further than four words apart. Similar to “inurl,” but only results containing allof the specified words in the URL will be returned. For this post, I personally tested EVERY search operator I could find.