Blumenthal isn’t exaggerating the seriousness of the bug. Reviews are a restaurant’s bread and butter, and removing them can significantly impact revenue. If you’re not prioritizing your Google Business Profile in your SEO strategy, you’re facebook reviews disappeared 2020 missing out on qualified leads and sales to your competitors, guaranteed. Businesses should strive to generate reviews on their Google Business Profile organically, meaning a consistent cadence of new reviews is generated each month.

You’ll see 150 reviews when you’re logged in, but someone else viewing your profile would see 141. To identify which specific reviews got removed, keep logged in from your profile and find out the reviews that do not have like or a share icon. Unverified businesses will not rank on Google Search or Google Maps; as a result, existing or new reviews left by your customers will not be visible to the public. In many cases, fake reviews are submitted when a business resorts tobuying Google reviews. In such cases, most of these reviews are created by bots using fake profiles.

They love you so much that they visit the Google Business Profile page for every location your business has in the metro area, eager to leave their review. Unfortunately, if the reviewer left the same review on multiple business locations, the duplicates will likely be removed. In each thread, the business owners share one thing in common. After applying Google’s suggested edits to their business profile, they all lost reviews.

I’m going to tell you the immediate steps you need to take to attempt to reclaim your deleted page. I will also walk you through different scenarios that could have led to this deleted page in the first place. All you have to do is click on the flag icon on the specific review. This will direct you to “Report a policy violation.” Here, you can submit the violation, and Google will judge whether the review follows the guidelines or not. 68% of consumers will leave a review if the business asks them to do so.

It has the ability to connect the profile and location of a reviewer. Setting up a business on Google can be an effective way to reach potential customers, increase brand visibility, and drive… You can offer an incentive for customers to leave a review, such as a discount or a prize. You can do a few things to ensure your own business doesn’t lose any valuable and hard-earned reviews. If you’re still not seeing reviews show up on your GMB listing, contact Google support for further assistance.