Mobile users only have to tap on an ad to expand it and get 5-10x more product offerings than with Product Shopping ads. Google Shopping Policies, which includes product restrictions, adherence to website standards, and conducting a type of business exclude words google search that is not banned or restricted on the network. At this point, you have the option to generate copy for your ad. It is an optional part of the process, but it never hurts to tailor your ads to your audience using all of the tools at your disposal.

Instead of having all products in a single ad group, create multiple ad groups for your different product types or categories. The products you choose in this section will appear below the header image in your ads. Because it’s a new campaign type with a different bid model , so start off with Manual CPC. For more information on bidding strategies, check out this guide I published earlier on my blog. Essentially, if you’re an e-commerce retailer on Google Ads and you’re not using shopping campaigns, what are you doing? It was introduced by Google in 2018 and it’s their first retail search ad unit that features video designed to help advertisers provide a more contextual experience, immersive for shoppers.

They don’t really look like ads, which is why they’re so effective. It’s optimal for each ad group to contain at least three ads — each with unique headers, descriptions, headlines and category URLs. The results are then presented to potential shoppers in a carousel. When the ad is clicked on, it expands into a popup for desktop and a new panel in a mobile device, showcasing all related products from that category. For example, a customer may be searching for running tops, then you can show a whole range of running tops that you stock.

So, when a user clicks on your ‘catalogue’ ad you are not charged. If they then go on to click on an actual product, you are charged. I always say it’s best to test and let the numbers prove you right or wrong. However, my concern is that people may get lost in the open and closing of the showcase shopping ads so much they forget to continue on with their shopping journey. Google has previously said that approximately 40% of product searches are for broad terms. Optimized Shopping campaigns help you promote products by giving users detailed information about what you’re selling before they click your ad.

Showcase Shopping ads let you display more of your products than ever before on Google Shopping and gain more visibility. Make a good first impression in front of high-intent audiences with the right ad specs and optimized ads. Contrary to Product Shopping ads where you set your bids on product groups, Showcase Shopping ads set a bid for an engagement on the ad group that contains your ad.