Gold has always been the foundation of wealth and this alluring yellow metal forms the basis of global currency. There was once a time when a country could only print as much money as they had in gold reserves, although this system was abolished in the 1980s by the US government. Gold coins have a long and colourful history all over the world and here are a few interesting facts about gold coins that you probably didn’t know:

  1. Tossing A Coin Started In Roman Times– In ancient Rome, at the end of a gladiator duel, the Emperor would toss a coin to decide whether the loser lives or dies and this system was used for other decisions, depending on the Emperor’s mood at that time. In other civilisations, coin tossing emerged, especially for sporting events, when each team must decide which end they play from.
  1. One Trillion Coins In Circulation– Apparently, some statisticians took the time to try and calculate the number of coins there are in circulation and they came up with the magic number of one trillion (thousand million). When you consider there are more than 200 countries in the world, each with their own minted coins, then 1 trillion is not unrealistic.
  1. Olympic Gold Medals Are Not Pure Gold – It may surprise you to learn that the coveted Olympic gold medal is not actually made from pure gold. The medal is, in fact, made from 92.5% silver and is plated with 6g of gold. The silver medal is made from sterling silver, while the bronze medal is mainly copper. The last time a pure gold medal was presented was the 1912 Olympics. The Olympic Games is held every 4 years and to even represent your country is an honour; but to win a medal would be the pinnacle of sporting achievement.
  1. Gold Coins Make For A Wise Long-Term Investment– There are authentic pieces of gold for sale Brisbane dealers as well as other dealers in other areas offer. A quick search on Google should lead you to a leading gold bullion dealer and if you are looking for a sound long-term investment, gold coins are readily available from the online bullion dealer. The list of gold coins is indeed long: the American Eagle, the American Buffalo, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the Krugerrand of South Africa, among others. Many private investors collect gold coins as a hobby and over the years, you can accumulate a lot of wealth.
  1. First Minted Coins 2,500 Years Ago– According to the findings in archaeological digs, gold coins were handmade at least 2,500 years ago, maybe even before that. Of course, silver was also used to make coins of lower value and copper and bronze were used to make small denomination coins.

silver and gold round coins

If you are unsure about some of your investment during this troubled time, it might be a good idea to sell your company shares and invest in gold coins. Once you have a few gold coins, make another acquisition to add to your collection every so often and in a few years’ time, your collection would have greatly appreciated in value.


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