There is no sight of blood or injury detail involving human characters. There are also sequences in which giant monsters fight each other; in one scene a dinosaur’s jaws are cracked open and some thick blood oozes from its mouth. To begin with, the visual effects in Godzilla Vs Kong are spectacular.

We’ve included everything you need to know about the films – a synopsis, ratings info, and age rating. Character grabbed by giant ape, flung into a wall, falls to death. Giant bugs crawl over the woman, who’s chased by a T-Rex while it eats the lizard that it killed. King Kong fights three T-Rexes and kills them rather brutally. The assortment of food choices and jungle-dwelling munching monsters fills much of the film’s runtime where big things are seen being devoured by even bigger things. Some blood is depicted during the often shocking portrayals.

The creatures move with speed, yet at a realistic pace which one would expect from a creature of their size. And when a monster dealt a punch, it was followed by an earth shattering shockwave sound, which perfectly blended with each action scene and added to the powerfulness of the Godzilla/Kong fight scenes. Godzilla vs. Kong is rated PG-13 for language and violence. It’s a typical giant monster movie, so expect some of the same from previous Godzilla and Kong movies, however this time, it’s about the creatures.

While trailers are not always the best indicator of a movie’s content, they can give you an idea of the film’s tone. Cloaked and surrounded by a continual storm that has mysteriously claimed a variety of ships over the centuries, the army calls upon Colonel Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) to head up the expedition to the island. Also joining the entourage is Mason Weaver , a photojournalist looking for an exclusive story, and former British-Special-Forces-turned-professional-jungle-guide James Conrad . Finally, there’s a bevy of other participants who will ultimately become collateral damage and tasty morsels for what’s ahead.

Everything from the lighting, the camera angles to the realistic CGI brought the monsters to life and showcased their epic brawls. At one point in the film, one of the characters noted how swiftly Kong flies through the air as he is making his way through Hollow Earth. For being a 300 foot monster, this swiftness in both Godzilla and Kong was also noted in particular during the fight scenes. No more are the days of Godzilla standing about skyscapers, moving at a slow/robotic pace as he destroys everything within his path.

A man screams as his limbs and head are slowly swallowed by grotesque fanged sucker worms. Rod Gustafson has worked in various media industries since 1977. He founded Parent Previews in 1993, and today continues to write and broadcast the reviews in newspapers, on radio and on the Internet. His efforts also include writing and researching media in all its forms and observing how it effects society and culture. A man talks about people having been “ripped limb-from-limb” when he finds many bones strewn on the ground. A man talks about another man having stuck a knife through his own heart.

Carl Denham is a motion picture director who plans to shoot a film on Skull Island in the South Pacific. He travels there from New York aboard a tramp steamer, with his actors Ann Darrow and Jack Driscoll , and several film-making crew members. A woman climbs a ladder on the side of a very tall building but the ladder pulls away from the building and the woman falls, but she is caught and put inside the building.

Peter Jackon’s King Kong is a bigger, longer, and clunkier version from the original. Jackson relies heavily on CGI and modern technology to retell the classic tale with drastically mixed results. Its three-hour cowboy tuxedo with jeans length, unlike with Jackson’s Return Of The King, is sorely unnecessary and there are plenty of moments where you feel like the film could have been shortened or cropped for time and content.