Here’s what we know so far about completing Part II of the Irodori Poetry quest, now available in Genshin Impact. The Chasm Underground Waterway – You can reach it from a teleport in the right part of the map. Our algorithm creates a unique routine with a few customized products. You get total control over your skincare and the choice to change your skin.

CategoryFishDetailA lively, energetic fish famous for its flowery patterns. That’s everything you need to know about Genshin Impact fishing. If you’re still working your way through Inazuma, we’ve got detailed guides on all its biggest quests, including Sacred Sakura Cleansing and Tatara Tales. If you’re short on Sakura Bloom for fish bait, we’ve got you covered there as well. How to fish in Genshin ImpactWith rod and bait in hand, find a fishing spot, and cast your line. If you’re using the right bait, a fish or two will approach the lure and bite.

The Glaze Medaka is a type of fish in Genshin Impact that can be found in Inazuma. This fish can be found as both a pet for the Serenitea Pot and as wildlife. This fish can spawn at any in-game time and has a three out of five rarity.

More specifically, Medaka swim near the southern tip of the Fort Hiraumi region. Medaka location in Tianqiu Valley Tianqiu Valley is another area where players can check for Medaka. Players can stand on the right side of the broken wrike reddit bridge to try to catch them. The last place to find Medaka in the Mondstadt area is below the Statue of Seven at Windrise. There’s a river here that flows into Falcon Coast, and Medaka swim in the fishing spot in this river.

It just happens to be a convenient location as it is right next to the Statue of the Seven. You can find these all over the place in Liyue and Mondtsadt. Use your interact key to open up the “Prepare to Fish” prompt when you get to a fishing spot.