And river salmonid populations respond to habitat alteration, including altered flow, temperature, and turbidity regimes and changes in channel morphology. Water samples and ground scintillometer readings provided invaluable complementary information relevant to the evaluation of the island’s uranium potential. Relationships of sedimentation and benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in headwater streams using systematic longitudinal sampling at the reach scale.

It is largely engaged in the lumber trade, and in the manufacture of salt of a superior quality. Here is a well-kept hotel, and several churches; a banking office and a number of large stores and warehouses. Coal of a good quality is abundant, being found near the river, and the recent discovery of salt springs in the neighborhood is of incalculable value, the manufacture of salt being carried on very extensively. Population in 1870, 11,350, now 14,000. Several lnes of steamers, and one of propellers, sail from this port regularly for Detroit and other lake ports. It is near the head of navigation for lake craft, where five rivers unite with the Saginaw, giving several hundred miles of water communication for river raftino and the floating of saw-logs.

The shells for the most part had landed in between us and them, so they had had to fall flat, and in doing so, Bert lost my scissors, a crime for which I haven’t forgiven him yet. We inspected the damage and found a few more fruit trees down, one about 25 yards from the house. It surprised me how close together the shells landed and it began to seem as though our house had been specially selected as a sort of secondary target.

Luigi kept up this good work even after Germans were billeted in the village but in the end somebody had given the game away, but the warning was sent around and everyone had got away. He did Vito out of the land their father left. I was very tickled at the look of slow disgust which spread over my communist friend’s face as he read the Fascist cum Catholic propaganda with which the Itis loser geek whatever are fed. It seemed to me one of those curious incidents which add so much to the humour of life, to be sitting there, with Jerries all round and the artillery booming away in the distance, reading books intended for children of under ten. Those school books even introduced Fascist propaganda into the arithmetic lessons. One man on his own gets lonely and scared, he said with truth.

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Passengers taking the Round Trip can stop, to suit their convenience, at any of the Lake ports, before arriving at Detroit. The City of Erie, 90 miles from Buffalo, is a place of growing importance, where terminates the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad, forming a direct and speedy communication with the cities of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. This is a favorite line of travel, crossing the Alleghany range and connecting with the Great Lakes. The City of Cleveland, 95 miles further, is fast becoming a great mart of trade, and a stppingplace for pleasure travellers.

Streamflow was measured immediately following the water-quality sampling. Macroalgae coverage was estimated and periphyton, macroinvertebrate, and fish communities were sampled at each site. MARINER’S GUIDE. Mariner’s Guide to the Upper Lakes. The Detour light bearing E.N.E., 26 miles. Fort Mackinac W.N.W. i W., 9~ miles. A Light-house is to be erected at Mackinac Island, and one is erected near Old Mackinac, in the Straits of Mackinac, at the entrance to Lake Michigan.