In the Google rankings, Fuelly, LLC’s apps appear in the top 100 in more than 5 countries. A popular app is aCar – Car Management, Mileage, which is highly ranked in several countries and, with over 1 million installs, is one of the more popular apps in Google Play. Here’s my beginning of gas consumption tracking. I’ve only logged in two fuel ups so far, but I’ll keep track from now on.

I’ve read people talk about hitting the reserve as a reference point but I don’t think the CBF has a reserve? I got low-ish yesterday so filled up (9.05 litres brimmed on the center stand) as I didn’t want to test whether or not there’s a warning while I was quite a distance from home. I would have thought that with the temperatures farmstead red deer you’ve been riding in, you’d have seen the fuel pump issues by now, so you may well be one of the lucky ones. I would use the same oil as you’re using where you are because it’s so hot there. GasBuddy lets you search for Gas Prices by city, state, zip code, with listings for all cities in the USA and Canada.

AppBrain also tracks when an app becomes popular and reaches a higher level of downloads. This is a quick and easy launcher for the mobile-optimized site. This launcher opens in a native app interface allowing for faster fuelup logging. Understanding your fuel consumption and vehicle’s actual costs can help you save big money.

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I love the idea of using innovative internet-based technologies to collaborate with others in positive ways. Looks like a nice site…just signed up, gonna try to track my car, scooters, and motorcycle. I understand this, but i like to share this info with folks so that when making motorcycle choices they can take this into consideration as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised, I don’t really ride it in an eco-concoius way, but I’d imagine start-stop town riding uses more fuel than my long 60mph dual carriageway stints. You can get a free account at Fuelly and start logging your fill ups and it’ll calculate everything else. The application allows you to quickly and easily manage the traffic of your cars. Optionally provide any additional information which will help the organization to locate your data in their information systems such as Username, Customer ID or Account Number. Please do not provide your password or any personal information which the organization does not already have. – Keep track of your car’s information, repair history and easily see when you need to go in for your next check up.