Tests may be scheduled at any time within the 170-day period. Exams that are not scheduled during this time are not eligible for a refund. The day that you pay for the exam begins the 170-day period.

The College of Education requires that you pass your certification exams the semester before you student teach. The process of registering for your exam is summarized below. Practice tests and Review sessions may be completed in any order. It is the student’s responsibility to plan in advance and determine the best time to attend Review sessions and Practice exams, when applicable. The Core Subjects review is applicable to both EC-6 and 4-8 candidates, and it is available as an open course in Blackboard. The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities review is provided live quarterly.

Contact the Office of Educator Preparation and Accountability in the College of Education and P-16 Integration for the application form and admission requirements. TExES stands for Texas Educator Standards. The Texas Educator Standards is a set of criteria, used to measure a teacher candidate’s knowledge. Their knowledge glam and grit cowboy hats is measured in comparison to the criteria versus being measured against the performance of other teacher candidates. If you have trouble registering, or if the error message says your information does not match, we’ll need to confirm the following. You must also set up a different account with Pearson.

If the test date you want does not appear for the certification exam you have selected, then that location is full and you will need to choose another location or date. We strongly recommend using a preparation tool in conjunction with our required PPR online test review and practice exam. You must create a Teacher Education Agency Account .

Please contact your test center location if you have questions or concerns about their security and screening policies. Do not take any study materials into the test center with you, they are prohibited. Close the appointment finder window to return to your Pearson account. A new window will open where you can select your exam from the list or type in the name of your exam (ex. Core Subjects EC-6) and select ‘Go’. On the following screen, you will enter the TEA ID number issued to you by the Texas Education Agency.

EC-6 Core Subjects/Bilingual students are required to take the EC-6 Core Subjects and Bilingual Supplemental Practice tests. If a Practice Exam is not listed below, then it is not required for state exam eligibility. The Practice Exams listed below are required for state exam eligibility. If payment is debited from user’s bank account but still reflecting as “verify payment” in the portal. You can take a TExES exam five times in total.

The Texas Education Agency is planning major changes to the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities and Core Subjects tests. The PPR multiple choice test may be replaced by a performance-based assessment. These changes will require extra expense and effort. You may be best served to pass these tests sooner rather than later.