This will really darken up the upper edge and help give the mock frame a very rounded appearance. The burn stroke almost always starts darker than it ends, so do not start the burn stroke on the white line! The white line represent the area we want a highlight which is the palest area on the frame. The border frame I will be showing you today is the one I put around Biscuit the pug artwork. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Grab a $1 wood frame and some small pebbles to create a unique frame with a lot of texture!

When I say “cheap” I mean in numbers only, not quality. There are pretty decent/sturdy picture frames at the craft store for an inexpensive price. There are two reason for pulling the pen tip downwards. First is that it is easier to control the burn stroke when pulling the pen tip towards yourself versus pushing it away.

Not sure how successful I was with that, but I thought it looked decent. You don’t have to use maps ON a frame to decorate it! You can spray paint any larger frame in white and use maps as the background. Perfect for a kids’ room or nursery, or wedding photos with a map of a special place. I already showed you a frame decorated with crayons . This is another fun gift idea for a teacher or someone who loves coloring .

Rather than creating a stencil, we’re going to do an image transfer that requires nothing more than a printed design and a pencil. Some wooden photo frames elon tuition come with glass; some don’t. If yours happens to come with glass remember that paint not only looks great on the wood but on the paint as well!

Always burn so that you are pulling the pen tip downward. It didn’t look quite “done” so I decided to add a stain to it. Good job.Its really wonderful post.I am particularly impressed that oval shape of photo frame. I am retiring soon and I am looking forward to making all of these projects. I will have time but little money so these gifts will be a hit without my budget taking a hit. We’ve done a lot of crafts with magazines around here – and this is yet another one.

To go the extra mile, you can even dip the handles in paint for a pop of color. Of course, after the area is filled with a base color, the re-burn over it to darken up the top three-quarters of the area. Always start each burn stroke at the top of the board and pull it down towards the white line! As I said before, the burn marks usually start out darker than they end, so this help create gradient shading. As with all of my items, each design is burned into the wood by hand which means each creation is unique and one of a kind. Once I was finished with my wood burning, I used a clear wax finish to seal the wood.

You can use rolled magazine pages on the front of a frame to decorate it on a budget. Kids will love using brightly colored paint for this project – and there’s also Mod Podge and glitter, so that’s a big win as far as I’m concerned. If you’re going to this seashore this summer , try a DIY picture frame using some of the shells you collect. Border frames really do add a lot of visual appeal to the board. Plus, it gives the board a professionally finished look.

This DIY picture frame uses one piece of scrapbook paper and some Mod Podge for the main pattern, then a wood laser cut piece layered on top. You’re going to use Mod Podge and squares from your favorite comic books for this DIY photo frame! If the idea of cutting up comic books doesn’t work for you, use color copies for the task.

Keep in mind you can burn across the entire board during each step. It is just my personal preference to work in small sections at a time. My metal straightedge wasn’t long enough for the board I’m working with, so I repositioned it to cover the last part of the line. I am pushing the blade up against the edge of the metal to help ensure it follows the pencil line. Then use a knife with a sharp blade and cut along the pencil line using the metal straightedge as a guide. Yes, the straightedge needs to be metal, but one of those cheap wood rules that has an inset metal edge would work.